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Author Topic: Difference in age and mistake I made

July 27, 2019, 01:21:19 PM
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Hello all,

I am a 35-year old single father of two. I recently went back to my local community college with the plan of eventually transferring to a 4-year college to major in chemical engineering. This past January I met a young girl in one of my classes, she is 18. She is really shy and sweet, but I got jer to open up and go out on a few dates. Two months into us talking she said she just wanted to be friends, so I said ok and we kind of lost touch for a bit. In my bday, in May she sent me a happy bday wish. We started talking again and we started going out. Long story short we hadn't made it official but up until last week it was feeling like it, and I planned to take her out this past Wednesday on a date and then ask her to make it official. When we came back we started talking about a cat I had adopted for my daughters and who I was going to pick up the following day. So, as I was showing her the picture on my phone I swiped and there was a screenshot of a snapchat story of a girl whom I don't even know, but it was a provocative pic nonetheless. I was in total shock because I was not expecting it to be there, that is how insignificant it was.

Long story short, she left very upset and almost crying, and I was almost crying too because I felt so bad and didn't want her to leave like that. She left and I blew up her phone (mistake) and poured my heart out (another mistake) about how much I was sorry and how I did not want to lose her.

The following day same thing, bombarded her phone telling her how much she meant to me and pouring my heart out, and that I wanted to speak to her in person. She basically told me she thought I was better, that she wants someone who will bring her peace, and that she was a fool for believing me. She also asked for mt to come clean and be honest, and which I did and told her what the truth which is what I wrote her, I just thought the girl was cute and snapped the pic.

Anyway, she said she thought we'd be better off as friends, at which point I said ok I understand why you feel the way you feel, and I am sorry but I respect your decision. That was the last time we texted/spoke.

I feel so terrible, because she is such a good girl, and I could see myself with her and we were so compatible. I cannot wrap my head around something so insignificant altering our course, but I do understand her doubts and her reasoning.

I am trying to give her her space, but I also want to express how sorry I am and how much I want to be with her and how she is on my mind. I haven't contacted her and I think to give her her space is the best thing. However, I'm thinking of sending her some flowers in a few days?

Thoughts overall and just how to proceed, or if sending her flowers is a good idea, or perhaps a letter?

July 28, 2019, 07:50:41 PM
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I have never thought age matters and I still dont. Someone a lot younger could have more life experience and be "older" in life than age.
I would write a simple letter and see where it goes from there. If she responds than who knows maybe there is a chance.


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