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Author Topic: Developed Feelings in NSA Relationship

September 14, 2019, 03:47:45 AM
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I have what I think is a unique situation.

I've been single for YEARS. Don't really date... Work keeps me busy and I turned into a hermit in the process outside of seeing select friends.

I have 2 roommates, both males. In early June, we got another roommate, a female. We started hanging out, watching Netflix and stuff, and got along really well. A few weeks later we ended up sleeping together.

We agreed it would be no strings attached. I admittingly wasn't honest here. I knew I would develop feelings for her as I've already gotten to know her so well in a short time. She told me She had told herself she wouldn't sleep with any roommates when moving in. I apparently was lucky. Or good. Or something.

Fast forward a month and she goes to Vegas with a friend and sleeps with someone out there. I was hurt, but what right do I have to feel that way? We agreed NSA. But it still hurt. I was on the fence about wanting a relationship though. Basically 0-100... From not dating to living together. But I wanted to explore more and see what side of the fence I fell on.

Fast forward to last weekend. She was house sitting for her parents. On Monday we had an incredible night planned. But I saw signs when I visited. There were empty beer cans there she didn't know what they were. She shaved the day before, not that morning. She mentioned someone she really take about the times. But again, what right do I have? We agreed NSA.

Fast forward to tonight. We talk. Turns out it was one of our other roommates that went over there. They slept together on Sunday, then she slept with me on Monday. He's moving out in a month, but she's open to sleeping with him again. Turns out I'm not lucky. Or good. Or something. I feel betrayed, not jealous. She told me if she slept with other guys she would be safe. Use a condom, etc. She did no such thing with him. Then didn't tell me before we slept together the next night, also no condom.

I like this girl, but clearly she doesn't want anything more. I want to at least explore if there could be something more, but I do have feelings for her. And I enjoy the physical companionship, obviously. I don't want that to end. I don't want any of it to end. But I fear these feelings will just grow stronger and I'll get hurt badly.

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