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Author Topic: Dating for 1yr Very Emotional Unstable Woman !?

April 18, 2019, 06:39:37 AM
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Meet a woman like this and after 2 months we already live together in the same house (hers):

- 32 yrs old and says never had long relationship
- very shy, not confortable, very low self esteem even tho she looks good
- very submissive in bed, does everything sexually
- she did not had many ex boyfriends, she had “adventures” but also longer at max 1yr relationship
- she changes mood very quickly, she cries a lot, gets upset for little things and not talk a whole day
- she ignores her parents, brother, does not have many friends and does not talk much
- some days she’s very attached to me, some days she ignores me totally and not in the mood to talk
- she had relationships mostly only for sex, not a real relationship; she accepted like that even not too happy as she told me; she’s sad because all the men did not wanted serious relationship with her
- she dumped some of her ex boyfriends just like that, after she got upset for little things
- she dated even 3 guys in the same time, not very faithful, sometimes she accepted to go to a men house after 10 min of talking (not directtly for sex from first meeting, but to get intimiate, kissing etc)

- sometimes she says she wants even childrens with me, other day when she gets ungry she says she is not made for having a relationship and she prefers to be lonely (and most of the time she says in general that she does not want to get married or have children)

(besides that she’s also a good person, she is nice with almost everybody, has good intentions, she does plenty for me, in general she is very ok with me, sex is great)

Just that I think a long serious relation with her is very hard to have. As I am around 30, and in general I want to form even a family, but I think she is too unpredictable for that.

Opinions please?
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