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Author Topic: Crazy crazy story ...

March 05, 2020, 10:30:06 AM
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At first i should apologize for my horrible use of the English language(it ain't my native language!)

My girlfriend likes fightsports, which i do not have any kind of problem with although i do not like them persé either.
Now she started to get more fanatic with them in the middle of 2018 or so… She trained a lot and so far so good.. In februari 2019 a muslim guy(we are not muslims) Not that the religion matters persé but in this case it does as you will understand later on)
who is a professional martial artist from her regular grouptraining suggested on her that he could give her some private lessons at the gym because she wanted to fight competition.. So far so good she was extremely happy with this ''extra help'' and offcourse she agreed 200% Now, for some reason i was not happy at all.. But she did this with more guys and it looked like she genuinely didn't see any kind of problems. I told her that i wanted her to promise me the contact was ONLY in the gym and NOT outside.. Now on the first trainingsession he asked her if she wanted to eat or drink something. Probably he did mention her awkward face as he told: yes just because it is good for my language and for pleasure(she told she had a boyfriend) and she agreed.
1 week later she asked if he could come to train on Friday and he agreed at first but at the last minute he suddenly send a app like: or do you want to go out!? I was there with her, and she was not very amused but still she did not mention any ''signs'' and she told him yes thats fine, i will take my boyfriend with me! Than he declined and i believe this was about the last time he asked this..
However for some reason she stayed around a lot in the gym these months and constantly hoped to get some private lesson from him because she was as fanatic with this sport as a human can be obsessed with something(she is Always with sports)
Sometimes he sended a whatsapp message, maybe once in 5/7 weeks with just Hi, or Hi how are you?
Than she immediatly told me that he sended something and showed me the message. Months past by and some later he had a match and didnt train in the gym where she trained for like 2 months.. In july august past year he was back and i was not very happy with that.  >:(

At some moment the next thing happened which had ruined my last half year completely…………..
August 7 she was training and at the end of the training(this happens often with everyone) they continued a bit sparring and at some moment he suddenly kissed her in her neck! He repeated this like once or twice and she was shocked, she gone to his car(didnt get in) and told him this was not possible, she had a boyfriend and such and this dude started like this:
Yessss  :'( i also have a girlfriend(he is married) but i love you and you have a special place in my heart and blabla

She was in shock i think and she phoned me directly after this moment when the conversation was done and told me exactly what happened there.. I told her at first i did not want her to train there anymore but after a day we agreed that she would tell it to the head trainer(which she did :-\) and i sended him a app. He denied everything to me! And he even sended my girlfriend a app that he received a strange app from my and he was not sure why because nothing had happened!
My girlfriend was confused(and seemingly) i did not heard that anymore from her they phoned for about 13 minutes.(from her tel history the first time they phoned in the whole year)

I was not at home in those days and she started thinking... When i came home a few days later she told me something like: yes maybe you love me more than i love you and blabla(we are together at that point for 10 *** years !!) But for some reason i trusted her so much that i did not search a lot behind this and pulled my shoulders about this.
What i did not know was that she added him THAT DAY(few days after the sexual assault if i may call it like that) in her worktelephone and sended him a letter that she also liked him!! She even wrote a crazy letter for him which she later burned and she was completely lost in confuseness and being in love :/

The very next day she gone to the training and she saw the head trainer that asked her what she wanted to tell him and she GENUINELY TOLD that she got assaulted by him and that she did not want this.(the guy and her had already spoken to talk 2 days later about this)
The next day she gone to another training and nothing really happened except that he told her: we will talk tommorow and made trampish handkissingish signs.

The next day they phoned when she was at work and he started like this:
So you like me, do you love me? and this kind of crazy questions where she felt forced on to agree with.
They agreed to talk to each other and she told him that he had to promise that nothing would happen.(he did not respond on this)
Than in the evening after the training he kissed in her neck again and they left the gym and stepped in his car(i strictly forbid this to her!! )
Than he started offcourse to kiss her and after refusing this for 2 times she kissed him and he grabbed her boobs and tried to get in her panties which she refused although the was extremely lusting after him at that moment. Than he started: i have my life, you have yours our partners do not need to know anything from this! And she seemingly agreed(was a bit further than the gym where they parked and he drove her back to her motorcycle.

she googled: why did i cheat on my boyfriend and: friends with benefits rules and: signs of a cheater(to mask her cheating behaviour)
The next couple of day there where NO training sessions but seemingly they had active contact via whatsapp.
after the weekend they agreed to meet after the gym on a parking place(HOW CHEAP!?) and there they kissed and she gave him oral..
The very next day(i dreamed that night about this) she told me that we need to be over and she told me that she cheated on me...
Fistr she told me only from the kissing but on the same evening she told me about the blowjob..
I was completely lost and heartbroken offcourse! I did Phone the guy and he was extremely angry on her..

A day later we agreed to try things again and she had no contact with the guy for 1 full day but 1 day later she had him on the chat again and they talked again and she started that he did not want to continue with us anymore etc)) Than i gone back to her home a good day later and we agreed to get along together and end it with him defininitively..
She did than end it via phone and she started to love me more, threat me better and be more intime together..

So far her behaviour changed that she is MUCH nicer to me NOW than before, she started to look really ''guilty'after a few weeks where past by after this all and we are further very nice together.. Anyway... The fact that she kissed and she gave him  oral on a parking place make me  :-[ :'(
I have never cheated in my life and it is like i fell that she gone over a barrier that is to far for me  :-\ Although i realy want to get along with her!!

She even googled this the next day after the car session:
Sex with a micropenis
sex with a micropenis a problem?
which condom size for a micropenis?
is sperm in a mouth dangerous?

Luckely she was on period that day otherwise i am afraid that a lot more was happened  :-\
Thank god that i can sort of verify her story and timeline by google history otherwise i think there was no change i could ever ''believe her'' anymore..
It looks like she told me the full truth including all details like: he called my name when he came, he came fast etc)  :-X :-X :-X
She also told me that the kissing was extremely good, better than she ever had with me and intense  :-\
She really seems to have told me anything.... She told me that the plan was to book a hotel(his plan) and she even showed me the exact spots where it happened.

Is there anyone who can sort of ''understand'' what has happened here? From my perspective it looks like she came in sort of a psychosis and forgot everything around her.. I never thought she would cheat on me!!! She always looked such a honest girl.. She even showed him every app he sended to her :/ What must i do to forgive her? Some people advice me to get on with my life and be happy that we are still together and that it did not end in a full affair.. The weirdest thing is: when he assaulted her and kissed her in her neck she phoned me and truly sounded devastated and in shock about what had happened !!!

March 18, 2020, 11:27:56 PM
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Sorry to hear what has happened. Have you tried talking to your wife into doing marriage counselling? If you both still want to be married you can take the steps to try and make it work but if therapy doesn't work then it might mean that there is nothing left in the relationship to save?

I hope things get better for you soon.

March 19, 2020, 10:38:33 PM
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I think oral and kissing are cheating, the betrayal is worst.
Make sure she don't know you use the google history that way you
can see if she is being honest.
A heart filled with love is better than a pot filled with gold.


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