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Author Topic: Confusing situation with my girlfriend and her ex.

November 20, 2019, 04:17:31 AM
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So we met online and dated(not officially) for approximately 2 months things were amazing. I thought we were going places she always told me how much she liked me and we were always touching and making love. And then one Monday we were making love all morning(excuse the details) . I got home and I had no text from her(strange to me because an hour would pass and I would almost be assured contact from her) I tried again nothing. Tried again got a dull txt saying her day was good. And I got a major vibe just from that. More dull contact and ignoring from her I finally got the message.  It was a long message about her saying her ex "put it to her" that they wanna get back together "for the kids" bare in mind they were separated 5 years. So with a bit of argument and some nasty things said I let it it go. I was distraught I fell for this girl, hard. About just over a week later I had messages from her saying how much her ex was an asshole and how much I was right about an ex being an ex for a reason bla bla. So we gave it another shot. She told me they didn't sleep together and stuff then I got it out of her that they did..still devastated we continued. Now 5 months later it still haunts me. His name. His texts everything is stomach churning. I've had councilling I've tried so hard to forget it but I just cant and its causing an argument at least once a week. He's in constant contact with her due to the 2 kids they have together. She hurt me so easy and left me like it was nothing. But now we're still together we both love each other and trust me she try's to prove herself everyday. Even puts up with me bringing up the past all the time. I also found a dating app on her phone. After all this happened. It was bumble she claimed she was just seeing what it was all about and that there was a friends option. Which is something I can get past. Now that kids are involved mine and hers it's a lot harder to make a decision about leaving. Cause I love them all and the kids would be saddened. I dont know what to do. Please help.


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