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Author Topic: Can I make a relationship with her happen?

May 31, 2019, 11:40:56 AM
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Hi, so ill try make this short. Basically I currently live in South Africa and met an amazing German girl last year who was doing her internship in my city. We went out for a few months whilst she was there, but of course that inevitably stopped when she left. However we kept in contact and I visited her again for a few days this past week. After 5 months apart just seeing her for such a short period has already brought back the feelings I had. I really have never felt such a draw to someone before (from the first time I laid eyes on her last year) and I have had several relationships (including long-term before). I thought after she left my country that maybe I was just infatuated but seeing her this time I know its not just that. I struggle to stay engaged in conversations with people for more than a few minutes before getting bored, but with her we can talk for hours on end and I never pay attention to anything outside of her. She is a bit hard to read, but I know she is at least to some degree interested in me (laughing at my jokes, long intimate hugs, etc).

So anyway, I am moving to Germany in August and will living under 4 hours by train away from her. She has already told me to come visit her again when I move there. Now I know that is still a quite a distance, but I believe we could make this work. Question is how do I make this happen? Should I have spoken to her about the possibility when I saw her this past week, or it better to wait until I see her the next time?

September 13, 2019, 11:04:05 PM
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Hello I've been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years and I think that some points can help make an LDR work, here is an article containing tips that helped in my experience maybe it would help you solve your problem http://bit.ly/2lMDGyA
Hello I'm interested in sharing and getting advice in the world of relationships, I'm ready to share all the things I learned along my experience and would like also to learn new things about relationships.


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