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Author Topic: Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...

May 12, 2019, 10:09:12 AM
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Recently, I have been really anxious, depressed and lost from so many mgtow/red pill videos I have seen. I have heard so many horror stories about relationships, "truths" about female nature (hypergamy, women don't actually care about you unless you can provide them something, love doesn't exist, all women have possibility to cheat, no woman can be trusted, etc.) And that game doesn't exist (so if I'm short and not best looking guy in world, I'm fucked)

What is your opinion on their teachings?

I would post multiple links to videos I have seen, but that would go WAY over acceptable limit, so here is one link where you can find them all (no need to watch them all for obiouvus reasons):


What do you think? I would really appriciate your response.
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May 12, 2019, 02:56:13 PM
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As a woman, I realise I'm not within the target audience for this movement, but from what I can read about them on Wikipedia, I'd say it's a lot of crap. There are a number of women, and groups of women, who say the exact same things about men (can't be trusted, all men cheat, love doesn't exist and so on) but to me, this sounds like either fatalism, platitudes and/or taking a generalising approach to something that has happened previously, and making their own personal experiences into something universal.

Relationships are difficult, and they do take effort, but this goes for all relationships, not only romantic relationships. Of course I want the person I'm having a relationship with to provide me with something (but that is, at least to me, really rather a sense of security, of being appreciated, and of being together and sharing my life with someone). If my friends and loved ones did not provide me with something, why would I still have a relationship with them? And certainly there is a possibility/risk for cheating within all of us, but that should not be a reason not to want to have friends and loved ones.

Please do yourself a favour and stop watching those videos - they will probably only make you feel worse.


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