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Author Topic: Am I gay?

July 27, 2020, 08:48:41 AM
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I think I might be gay and I am so scared and confused, but I am not 100 per sure, so I hope with your help me to find out If I am gay or not.. Well, I was a normal boy and I liked girls and only girls, but I have been rejected and this somehow affected me and I started to wonder what it will be if I was a girl and I tried to wear girls clothes, bra and thongs (I have a sister), and then I tried to finger my ass too and even fucked my ass with objects and i liked it.. I was 15 or 16 years old back then and now I am 28. And after all that I started to think and fantasize about sucking cock and get fucked by a man.. I even sucked cock once, it was a long time ago and the man couldnt get hard, I sucked his small and soft cock, but I liked it I like being on my knees in front of him.. I was 20 years old back then. After that I had other chances to meet with a man, but I always quited before the meeting, because of shame, stress and fear.. Then I met a girl, she was my first, we fell inlove, even engaged and lived together for 3 years, but then she left me for another man.. I was totally broken after that and damaged, but these feelings came back.. Again I want to wear thongs, bra, girls clothes and started to fantasize about sucking cocks and getting fucked. I think I still like girls, I mean I turn over to them, but it is more like in the way that I am envy of them, I want to wear their clothes,to be like them, thats why I think I may be gay..

August 19, 2020, 05:24:04 PM
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sex panther

its ok if you are.  You could even be bi.  I recently became bi.  Did your friend suck your cock?  Did you like it?

I never tried it until a few years back after some drinks with a buddy.  Started with BJs.  Amazing having a dude going down on me.  I disnt get to try anal until we did it again.  Evidently he loved my BJ a lot.  Firat time getting jiz in my mouth directly. 

I gave him anal, wow.  We have done it many times.  I still like women (we have threesomes with his wife too) but occasjonally another dude hits the spot.

September 11, 2020, 02:25:44 AM
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September 15, 2020, 05:40:43 PM
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There are a lot of questions here that need clarification. Why did you get married? What happened during the marriage that she left you? Why do you get nervous and quit before meeting another man? Before you start seeing someone, male or female, its best to get clarity on who you are as an individual first. Other people don't define you. Clothes don't define you. Even your actions don't define you. What defines you is something unique you have to offer. Once you discover that, you will discover what's best for you. Go to www.walking-in-love.net and learn how.