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Author Topic: Thai Girlfriend Cheated on me.

February 01, 2020, 07:42:43 PM
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Hello everyone. I'm not sure what advice I'm looking to receive from this post. It's mainly just a way for me to get a bad experience I had recently off my chest. If you do want to leave any advice or comments please feel free though. Any emotional support you want to give or jokes you want to make will be greatly appreciated. I just have story I want to share.

So I went on Holiday to Phuket in Thailand for ten days. I was passing one of the massage parlors which to anyone who isn't familiar with Thailand are nearly always fronts for brothels. I was looking for a gym. One of the massage girls flagged me down and asked me If I wanted a massage. She spoke very good english. I told her I did not but asked her if she could point me to the nearest gym. She directed me to a gym which I walked to which was closed so I walked back the way I came. She flagged me down a second time and crossed the street to see me. She asked If I wanted to go out for a buffet with her and her ladyboy friend.  I raised some concerns with her and told her blatantly "You seem like a nice girl but I'm pretty sure you're just after my money." She told me she wasn't and of course I still didn't really believe her. I felt a little reluctant to out on a date with a prostitute but she was extremely good looking and friendly so I thought why not it could be fun. We had a pretty good time together. I expected her to fleece me for money at every opportunity but she actually didn't. We went 50/50 on the meals and all the clubs we visited. She also bought me a few T-shirts. She came back to my hotel by the third night and slept with me everyday after that. She became my girlfriend. I kind of knew in the back of my mind that this was a dumb move that many visitors new to Thailand had fallen for and I wasn't ignorant about it before I came but It felt really good so I just went with it. We kept in touch by videochat and she was pretty much messaging me everyday. We had unprotected sex together so I got myself down to the clinic immediately when I arrived back in the US and was delighted to find I was clean.
I arranged a second visit back to Thailand a month and a half later to go visit her for two weeks. She paid for a Taxi to come and collect me and greeted me at the airport with a hug. The taxi took us back to her apartment. We spent a few days in Phuket. She wanted to go to Pattaya to get Botox injections. We had talked about this prior to me coming. I told her I would pay for the flight but absolutely would not pay for the surgery to which she agreed. This is where everything begins to go downhill very quickly. The day of the flight I start noticing a white discharge coming from penis and a stinging when I pissed. I didn't bring it up then and there and decided I would wait till after the flight when we arrived at the hotel to bring it up since I would have not have time to go to the hospital. We had been having sex over the past few days and it was obvious where I had contracted this infection. We arrived at the hotel and I showed her my penis. She said "Whats that?" I said "You tell me." She did what I expected her to do and accused me of cheating on her and sleeping with other ladies. I wasn't ready to have a full on argument with her so I played it cool for the time being and just explained that I didn't cheat and I just wanted to go to the hospital. She said the hospital would be too expensive and said she would take me to a clinic. It was a horrible clinic where I pissed into a pint glass to get my urine sample taken. They diagnosed me with gonorrhea. She claimed that they had diagnosed her with an infection but it was not an STD and it was not gonorrhea of which of course I did not believe a word. She was given the exact same medication I was given as well as some anti itching treatment. We went back the next day for a second antibiotic shot which is when something very suspicious happened. I walked into the room for my injection to find her talking to the nurse. She said she did not have the bacteria that I had and I the nurse says I probably got it off a toilet seat. The nurse nodded and said "Oh yes probably a toilet seat." Sounds like something out of a comedy sketch but I promise you this happened.

So we spent three days in Pattaya looking around. At this point I wasn't that angry about what had happened. I knew that it would have to be discussed and it probably end the relationship but I just didn't have the mental energy to argue about it yet. On the third day in Pattaya I demanded she take me to the hospital to get us both examined and treated again because I didn't like the clinic she had taken us to and didn't trust the medication we had received. She kicked up a massive fuss about this and said she could not be examined because her period had just started. Knowing what she was doing I just told her that she doesn't have to get examined if she doesn't want to but it's important for me that I get the drugs I want from the hospital. She reluctantly agreed to show me where the hospital was and go with me. I got my shots there and fortunately those drugs started to work after a few days. We then got a flight back to Phuket. I was in a very bad mood with her during the flight and refused to talk to her. She asked me repeatedly why I was upset and I ignored her for two hours straight. I did feel a little guilty about this immature behavior but I was extremely angry and upset and was unable to hide it anymore. When we got back to her apartment I told her I was packing my bags and going to the airport. She immediately started crying. I sat on the bed and watched her for about a minute before I started crying myself. We had a massive argument. She denied giving me the STD at first and then later on in the argument said "Sometimes when I'm with my clients the condom comes off inside me." I had pretty much had enough and headed for her apartment door. She followed me to the door and gave me a depressed look. Her face was drenched in tears and she looked extremely upset and sorry. I felt full of pity and gave her a hug. We went back inside her apartment and cuddled without saying a word to each other.

I realized the next day that nothing had really been resolved. I was staying with a woman who had cheated on me and given me an STD. If this relationship had been more of a casual hookup and nothing was promised I would not have been upset. The reason I was angry is she had made it clear to me that she did not want me to sleep with other women and wanted me to take this relationship dead seriously. I had discovered that she was doing everything I was worried she might be doing behind my back. The rest of the time we spent together in Thailand was ok considering. I did my best to compartmentalize what had happened in my mind so I could enjoy the rest of the time I had with her as best I could. I still felt very emotionally attached to her and was still enjoying her company. I knew that the moment I got back on the plane to the US I would have to end the relationship so I tried to see the holiday as making the most of her while I still could. In a way it made me more emotionally attached to her for that time because I knew I would have to lose her very soon. I did however get very angry when she made comments about past boyfriends that had cheated on her in passing conversation. It showed that she had little self awareness or guilt about what she had done. She made an appointment at a public hospital to get tested for STD's and I went with her. She claimed that she got her test results back on that same day and was negative for Gonorrhea. This was a decent last attempt to prove her innocence but the problem with that lie is most people know that it takes a few days to get a result from an STD screening from a hospital. She had only decided to go to pick up some antibiotics so obviously I was right that the clinic we went to had not given the best medication.
This next thing that happened was a little cheap of me but It did get her to finally admit to cheating on me. She came with me to the airport to say goodbye. I told her that I wanted 15000 baht as an apology for giving me an STD. She responded by saying that I had made her sick by asking her to go swimming with me in the ocean because she was allergic to salt water and that she had made me and my family clothing as a gift. She didn't say this angrily but kind of apologetically. Later that day she sent me a text to ask me how was when I was on the plane. I told her I felt bad because she had cheated on me and given me and STD. she sent a message saying "I know I feel bad also. What can I do to make you forgive me?" I sent a message saying the same thing I said to her at the airport. I wanted 15000 baht as an apology. This was the amount of money I had sent her as a gift so she could take some time off work and visit her family after my first holiday with her. She immediately flipped the script and blamed me for the STD and denied cheating on me again. The next day I told her that I wasn't serious about wanting the money but I would like an admission again and a sincere apology. Not sure why it was important to me. I guess I wanted to end the relationship on a better note. A kind of shake hands and go our separate ways rather than a middle finger. Unfortunately this never happened. She agreed to get back together with me under the condition that I apologize to her for not showing her that I love her and respect her feelings. This of course was a bullshit condition because I had every right to be angry at her and I was not about to make an apology to someone who never decided to be honest with me or apologize to me. I sent her message thanking her for the nice things she had done for me and told her I was moving on. I didn't feel good about it. A part of me wanted to continue the relationship because she was very good looking and in some ways a nice girl. However she was a cheat who didn't respect me so I had to end it.
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February 02, 2020, 03:06:58 PM
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All the signs were there if you ask me. A woman who works in a massage parlor and has sex with hundreds of men a year is probably going to be a loose woman. It would have been all about the money for her. She probably met up with one of her sugar daddies and got the clap from them. Well you live and learn. Don't get involved with a bar girl or massage girl. You know what you're asking for.


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