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Author Topic: LDR situation

February 10, 2020, 01:54:22 PM
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Hi all

I have been speaking to a guy for 4 months now.
Since we started messaging we have been talking everyday.
We are in different countries but do video call when we can.

In the beginning we connected so well and we were both so quick to express our feelings.
Every time we spoke we just felt like we clicked and got on so well.
Id wake up to a good morning messages and go t sleep with good night messages, he would text me throughout the day and he would ring so often in the day despite the difference in time.

However for a few weeks I have felt like its already starting to fizzle.
He bought his ticket to come see me pretty much straight away and we were both really excited.
However he can no longer come on the date that he was supposed to.

I was really upset but I understood the situation and felt that it was a valid reason .
We are now deciding to go away together in a few months.
However the question is how do I keep this alive until we meet if it already feels like its fizzling out?

Is it a sign I should just move on ? we still get on great and have a laugh and joke but i'm finding it difficult to keep the conversations going. I'm not sure if it is because talking every day is too much or is it natural for the conversations to go like that?

I haven't expressed this to him because i'm kind of scared hell turn around and say lets leave it and I honestly don't want to.
I still really want to see him I just don't know how to keep the conversations going until another couple of months.

I have asked if he is loosing interest just because of the lack of sweet messages and not being as open with his feelings but he says it not the case and if it was he would say. I cant fault his efforts as he still phones me and texts me everyday. He even bought me things for when he was going to see me .

I do like him but I fear its fizzling out already. There is no possibility of seeing him sooner because of work.
Any advice on what to do?

February 15, 2020, 11:47:19 PM
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Sometimes, as you are not seeing the other person constantly, it's hard to tell how they feel. If the relationship is fine I would suggest to keep going.
I have a LDR myself and as you are not the same everyday, not all conversations are "awesome". Sometimes just making the effort to talk to the other one is what it counts. That fizzling feeling might not be what you think.


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