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Author Topic: Jealousy and One Night Stand

September 30, 2019, 02:42:49 AM
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My current boyfriend and I have a messy history of 3 years.

I met him through a friend and he immediately started flirting with me. He was known as a player but expressed genuine interest in me. During that time I was pretty unclear on what would be happening with my life and I didn't want to start anything.

Half a year passes, I'm living about a day away from him, but I visit for my friend's birthday and we end up deciding to try things out. Two months later we break up. 8 months go by, we get together again only for things to be bad between us and have a terrible break up two months later.

It took me two years to start moving on, while dealing with mental health issues I have, and then we meet again for the first time since to talk. He tells me he's moved on, the "us" chapter in his life is done and I should move forward. Due to other circumstances, it took me two months to start the healing process of closure.

And then, I had a one night stand of sorts with a friend. He was one of the few people I've been romantically interested aside my ex, but things didn't go further, because we were both emotionally unavailable at the time.

So while the whole experience helped me get some perspective regarding my ex, he comes back, tells me he broke up with his two month GF, after realizing he was still in love with me, he'd messed up with me and he was using her to substitute me.

Very long story short, we decided to give it a final go, and he's been nothing but perfect. Caring, loving, communicative, he's been opening up a lot (and that's not easy for him).

However, he found out what happened with my friend and that we still hang out together and he says that even though he's not planning on telling me to stop being friends with him, it bothers him.

He lives far away and hasn't had the chance to meet him, my friend is NOT a threat to us in any way, he's doing different things with his life at the moment, and even though my boyfriend doesn't make a huge deal out of this, I feel bad for making him feel that way.

I'm not planning on stopping being friend with the other guy, but I do want help my boyfriend feel a little more secure about this.

Any advice?


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