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Author Topic: I want to get rid off him

March 21, 2019, 08:22:17 PM
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I always miss him and I am just so, so tired of missing him.
I just want to stop being scared of messing up our relationship and I feel it would be easier if I just cut if off.
I tried but he managed to convince me otherwise.
I always feel better after talking to him but I feel so much worse when I can't talk to him and I feel like I am becoming a clingy person.
I want it to stop, and just ending our connection is the easiest way.
Can I do this? Should I do this? And what do I tell him in case I do decide it?

March 26, 2019, 03:31:08 PM
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Yes, you can do it. I think that if it is impacting you negatively then you must put an end to such a relationship. However , it would be better if you discuss openly about the problems you are facing due to your relationship with your partner before taking the final decision. Let him know of everything that you are going through.
Analyse the response he gives you after listening to what you tell him. Speaking openly and frankly may help you in the process of ending the relationship gradually. You may also get a chance to clear any misunderstanding that may have been there.
It's always better to take some time when you want to end a relationship. It does help you in coping with the process of a eventual break up.

March 28, 2019, 08:20:19 PM
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the only way you can get rid of him is when you dont have any love for him anymore. but based on what you said that you missed him a lot i can 100% say that you are still in love with him. the best thing to do is tlak to him and be honest to each other and fix your relationship.

March 31, 2019, 09:02:50 PM
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Eternal Optimist

First I want to say that I loved the fact you shared with your significant other your feelings and insecurities and then he was supportive enough to tell you and convince you not to end it. When in long distance relationship, as human beings we have tendencies of demonstrating insecurities. When you can find a partner who reassures you the way yours did that's pretty special. Have you all spoke about your inevitable plan? Have you both thought to even make a plan? Meaning, hypothetically speaking that you would either move with him or him move with you and start a life. With a long distance relationship if you've not already been established meaning married, inevitably somebody is going to have to move. Are you in that position? It sounds like he loves you, but I can understand how you would feel if it's driving you basically crazy. You have to remember, before you make this decision you have to be absolutely sure because if not you're going to wind it back with him and then you'll start falling in the foolish category. And that's not a category you want to be in. Take time, all the time you need and then determine. In the interim work on your insecurities because that may be the big issue. And you have to ask yourself is he readily available to you when you call? Or if you write an email or text him does he respond within a reasonable amount of time? If he does, he cares if he doesn't find the strength and Let It Go!