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What would you do if you were in a long distance relationship having to deal with difficult financial situation of your partner?

I would break up as I know this is too difficult to work in the future.
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I would look for someone else in the meantime and keep my bf.
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I would accept the situation as it is, focus on the present and help my bf as much as I can. He is not able to do much at the moment but this is temporary anyway.
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Author Topic: Gay long distance relationship: Financial difficulties and visa situation... :(

January 20, 2020, 04:47:00 PM
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I live in London and I'm in a long distance relationship for 1.5 years now with a boy living in Dublin. We meet each other once in around 6 weeks for long weekends and we both really enjoy the time together. He is very mature and such a sweet-heart so I would like to be with him in the future. However, the relationship is getting more difficult lately due to financial difficulties from his side.

My bf is non European so he is studying a degree (1st year out of 3) in order to have his Visa renewed and working part time. He is working only some hours in a coffee shop and really struggling paying bills, rent and uni fees. This has an impact in our relationship as I have to be the one going to Dublin more often because he has to work during weekends. Also, when we go out I'm happy to pay for both more times. He is really generous and he does pay sometimes expensive meals saying is fine even if I know he cannot afford it.

All in a nutshell: I really love the guy but I'm a bit tired of this situation because I also don't know how this is going to work in the future because of this distance, financial difficulties and his visa situation.

February 03, 2020, 07:21:14 PM
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The visa situation is a problem in every long distance relationship so you just kind of got to accept that. At the end of the day he's got to do what he's got to do. I think you should just be respectful about the fact he's a student working towards a career and he's going to have limited time and money he can spend on you. Something that I know is needed for a LDR is a shitload of patience and most people don't have it frankly. I think cheating will be an issue too. I've had two LDR's. One with a Thai woman and one with a Japanese woman. Both cheated within the first few months. I don't have much faith in LDR's I'm sorry to tell you. There's sob stories behind most of them.  Please give my question a read and response if you would like to. My post is also about a recent LDR.


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