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Author Topic: Don't know how she feels anymore...

May 27, 2019, 01:41:28 PM
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So I've been seeing this girl for about 5 months now, and things were going great between us. We're not actually dating because her last relationship was quite chaotic and she needed time to reflect on how hurt she got and trying to get over it.
So here's the situation so you guys can have a better understanding of it all.

She is from another city about an hour and a half from where I am, but since last year she moved to my city for university. I've met her last year so about 8 months ago. We've hit it off really well and we both felt something, but back then she was still in a relationship, one that lasted from June till mid December. We've kept each other as really good friends. We started getting really close by February, both of us hadn't expected things to turn that way. Sadly her ex boyfriend was quite abusive and jealous so she didn't want to be in a relationship as she felt she wasn't ready for it.
So we went on and on getting closer and closer and more intimate, we've started making plans together trying to figure out what we both wanted and came to the conclusion that we want to be together. As of today she still wants that.
She moved back to her hometown which is about an hour and a half away from where I am about a month and a half ago.
About a 3 weeks ago, for her success at Uni I've offered her a trip to a very nice place out of town. We had a great time and after that trip she felt ready to jump into a relationship. I've met her best friend a while back already and also her mother and her grand parents (she had told me that meeting her grand parents is a huge step forward for her). I'm supposed to meet her father this Saturday as he's helping her move to her new apartment in the city I live in for Uni.
However the last 10 days have been quite hard, she became distant and we have indeed not see each other as much in the last 10 days as we have been both very busy with work.
She told me she felt a bit down and then admitted being distant with me.
Yesterday she then told me that she doesn't know what's happening with her anymore, as if her feeling are a bit off and she doesn't know what she wants with me anymore. So I drove all the way to her and spent the night with her. We've talked briefly about it all. She doesn't really understand what is happening, but she explained that she found things were hard for her, distance isn't easy and she wants us to do more "fun" things together. She also said that she still wants all those things we talked and made projects for but she doesn't know if she's able to wait for it all, as in she finds it really hard to wait for everything to come. Patience isn't one of her virtues.
I'm going to her town tomorrow again to go see her play her soccer match and she's really looking forward to it. After that we're spending 2 days together. And then I'm seeing her Saturday and meeting her father.
I've been quite lost about it all the last 10 days, not knowing what is really happening and how to solve it all and make it easier for her, the both of us.

June 12, 2019, 12:27:37 PM
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You are doing everything you can to be there for her and with that you're telling her that you mean it seriously with her,.
I think that you might do to much for her, and you should stap back a little don't be the nice guy that does everything for her and is at any cost there for her because you ate making her feel bad about your relationship.
Also it could be that she met someone else or her ex again and now she doesn't know what to do something is on the bush. But it doesn't mean it'll destroy everything give her time and space to decided rather it's you or him. Don't forget you'll win either way


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