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Author Topic: Could he have been playing with my emotions?

May 12, 2019, 01:08:35 PM
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Hi, I’m feeling kinda confused here, if you could help me to see clearer please...
So, I’ve been on a long distance actually friendship but I have romantic feelings toward him and I thought he had too : we were often talking about our feelings toward each other and once, he confessed to me and asked me to be his girlfriend but long distance relationships are pretty hard to keep and to live through so he promised he’ll wait until we can definitely be together.
But we kept saying things like we loved each other etc.
And also sometimes, "sexting"
But since some time, he has totally stopped saying things like that and instead, he has started telling me how our friendship was important to him etc.
So as we were often flirting or sometimes sexting and that he asked me to be his girlfriend while he wasn’t over his cheating ex, I’m thinking he never had feelings for me or not as much as he said...
Or maybe he was just tired of waiting to be in a relationship? Or have I done something wrong..?

Thanks to have taken time to read this

May 12, 2019, 10:58:15 PM
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Hi! I am not sure of the context of the long distance, whether it be high school or college, but regardless- it is difficult! As I am in a long distance relationship, I can tell you that it takes commitment!
With that being said, it is often difficult to make that commitment when there wasn't a sturdy relationship beforehand (not that it isn't possible!) It does get tiring having to wait to see that other person, and I honestly think that might be the case here. He may just feel discouraged about it going anywhere, depending on the circumstance. If you do have that good of friendship, be honest and ask. That may make you nervous, but it will constantly weigh on you if you don't know. It seems that you are very important to him, and people are complicated. Let him know that friendship is important to you too, but you deserve an honest answer.
I hope this helps!


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