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Long Distance Relationship Advice

If you're in a long distance relationship, you're definitely not alone, this forum is dedicated to long distance relationship advice and to provide members with tips and guidance encase they experience any issues with their long distant partner. There are a lot of members that are in the same situation, so, it gives you the opportunity to talk to others that are currently in an LDR or have been in one previously. Share the good and bad moments of your relationship, give and receive support.

This long distance relationship support forum is to:

  • • To provide members with a centralised forum that's dedicated to long distance relationship advice and tips;
  • • A place to share travel tips, love letter ideas, proposals, gift ideas, first-time meetings and advice on how to enhance your long distant relationship;
  • • To be able to ask questions and seek guidance from other members that are in long distance relationships;
  • • A place to share your successful love stories with other members to give them motivation.