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About Lets Chat Love

Lets Chat Love was founded in the early hours of a Sunday morning at the beginning of 2018, with lots of sleepless nights, hours of content writing and design, the forum finally launched in March 2018. We have come a long way already, with 1,000+ posts being generated and over 200 member sign-ups. We have also recently launched a relationship blog, of which is hosted on another platform, is Wordpress, however, we have done our best to make both sites very similar in terms of design. This section will be used to allow us to express our thoughts on a particular subject in detail, and as of recently, have also opened up the opportunity for community members to write on the blog in the form of a guest post.

Fans! Visiting a relationship forum or site used to involve being confronted with lots of inappropriate images, relationship-centric help websites with in-your-face pornographic content, it honestly isn’t the best place to go to and your other half, or people around you may find out what you’re up to. The team here at Lets Chat Love is on a mission to create a relationship forum that’s completely anonymous and pornographic free, without any seedy images. A place to go to when you’re genuinely feeling low and could do with some anonymous advice from a stranger.

Our goal is to create a friendly forum that’s safe, anonymous and free. We want to make our users feel at ease who feel comfortable and confident asking their relationship questions.

To achieve this goal that we have set ourselves, we’re consistently trying to improve our forum, it’s features, rules and members, to make people feel welcome and to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience when posting. We do not accept bullying of any sort, or abusive comments, so, please do read out rules before posting or registering, as suitable action will be taken to those not obeying them. Your confidentiality, data and wellbeing is our top priority.

Lets Chat Love is a completely free love advice forum, you’re able to register an account in minutes, post as much as you like and use the features provided. We won’t ever charge a cost to use our forum.

In addition to our forum, we also have a blog that are editorial team are responsible for, they have a particular interest in love, relationships, dating, marriage and divorce. They are responsible for posting independent, impartial posts on the subjects that are covered the most on our forum. These articles are completely free of charge to read and to download for future reference, we even accept guest posts, in which we give the opportunity for our members to come in and write a blog post on a particular subject to help our members. We’re very collaborative!

How do people use the forums?

Our forum is pretty simplistic! It runs on the SMF platform that’s kept well up to date, you don’t need to register or to be a member of the forum in order to read and browse, but if you do wish to contribute to the forum and to ask your own questions, you’re more than welcome to register. It’s completely free of charge to sign up. Once signed up (which takes a couple minutes), you will then have the ability to customise your own unique forum profile, as well as post messages, reply to threads and private messages users.

There’s one disclaimer, we strongly suggest that you read both our rules and privacy policy before registering, just so you appreciate how things are done on this forum. We don’t accept abuse of any sort and we take your privacy and data very importantly. We’re GDPR compliant.

Which forum is most relevant?

This is very much down to what you’re looking for, as everyone is looking for answers to different questions. We have a wide range of topics, all of which cover different spectrums. Just so that you are aware, our forum is compiled into different categories, all of which serve a different purpose. Below are the forum categories that we currently have in place, but we do plan to release more in the future, especially in the dating, marriage, well being and divorce verticals. We’re also open to suggestions, in fact, we have even created a separate category for you to share your ideas.

  • Relationship Advice For Men;
  • Relationship Advice For Women;
  • Long Distance Relationship Advice;
  • Relationship Breakup Advice;
  • Ask A Relationship Questions.

  • You are more than welcome to browse the categories before posting, as we mentioned earlier, you do not need to register an account to read the content on this forum. When you’re ready feel comfortable and have taken your time to browse the forum, you can register here.

    I feel reluctant to join in because I'm new to the subject

    That’s normal and the majority of our users haven’t ever registered or participated in an online relationship before, and the chances are, you’ll most you’ll feel reluctant to register right away, which is completely fine. We pride ourselves on nurturing a welcoming, friendly and inclusive community to speak about your problems publically, to receive advice from others in similar situations. Everyone is extremely friendly and mature, they’ll make you feel very welcome.

    What else do I need to know?

    Please read our rules and privacy policy upon registering.

    Enjoy visiting letschatlove.com, we’re here to help you with your problems.

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