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Author Topic: Forum Rules (Please Read)

April 13, 2018, 07:46:55 AM
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Forum Staff
Hi all,

Please read the following rules and our privacy policy before registering on our forum, as any offenders shall be banned from using this website, and in severe cases reported to the authorities.

This Relationship Forum is a friendly, honest and mature place where it's members can openly discuss their problems with other like-minded individuals, it has been created to provide advice, have some fun and share tips. We like to consider our forum as a genuine, non-judgemental, positive environment to chat about all things concerning love.

Please be advised that we don't encourage people to use this website to find relationships and share personal contact details, and it most definitely doesn't exist to find cybersex, dogging, sexting usernames and phone fun, anyone attempting to engage in these activities with you, please be cautious, if you're offended, notify us. Please engage in this activity at your own risk, offenders will be permanently blacklisted and banned.

This forum is moderated on a regular basis, however, it's impossible to confirm the validity of posts, and to guarantee that all spam, trolling and junk content will be removed. Our moderators are fun, friendly people, we're human too, we don't want to intervene unnecessarily, therefore, we have some rules in place, please respect them, otherwise, as a last resort, we may take action.

Cool & and now the rules, oh, btw, most of these are self-explanatory, please use your brains. :)

  • - No personal attacks or inflammatory behaviour;
  • - Post in the correct forum and stay on topic;
  • - Refrain from using unnecessary swear words;
  • - Respect the privacy of other members;
  • - No inappropriate images;
  • - Keep the conversation open and free for all to join in;
  • - No advertising, spammy or inappropriate links;
  • - We do not condone or encourage illegal activity, this includes porn;
  • - Do not post any copyrighted material.
  • - Do not post the same message in multiple boards.

Please be advised that sharing personal contact information like names, addresses and emails are done at your own risk. Lets Chat Love does not take responsibility.

We have the right to revisit and update these rules at any time.
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