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Author Topic: remembering my first time!!

June 02, 2020, 03:54:12 AM
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when I was 18 (I’m 23 now), my physically insatiable body was aching for sex (like, wow)!

so I tried out several types of condoms to know how to put them on right and get the feel of wearing them.

And I first had sex with myself, masturbating with condoms. Practiced tease-denial edging cause I like to prolong my pleasure for as long as my body can take it.

The best condoms are the thinnest with delay lube. Gives me the best feel and helps me last longer. And it was fun masturbating with these condoms on. It was hot knowing how the super thin condom was catching all my pre-cum I was leaking and then my crazy cum loads when I finally orgasmed. The condom caught every ooze of my huge cum load, I was ready to rock, haha!!

So me and a hot buddy got together for some awesome wrestling, which we like to do. But this time it was gonna be different.

I showed him the condoms and said look, we both wanna fuck each other, right?, so let’s put them on and go commando in our slim-fit levis and wrestle.

We both were already horny anyway and we just got turned on even more!!

so we went commando in our sexy hot slim-fit levis blue jeans, each of us put on a condom, and started wrestling like we always do.

Man, it was so hot!!!!!! we wrestled all over the ground, pinning each other down, and we were horny as hell!!

So I made a move that he didn’t expect. I turned him over on his back and quickly layed down totally on top of him, him facing me, pinning him down fast, pinning his arms above his head and giving him a leg lock pin. He tried moving his legs to get me off but I just stretched my legs, dragging his legs down, and layed down lower, keeping him pinned.

I had him just where I wanted him. And he tried and tried but he couldn’t get out of it, haha!! Damn hot!!

So he tried humping to get me off. I just kept laying down on top, pressing my body down to keep him pinned. But I was in a very pleasurable position all that time and felt very close to cumming...

And then it happened. As my buddy humped up once more and as I pressed my body down again to keep him pinned, I felt myself going over the edge.

I looked at him and with breathless moans, said Oh fuck, dude, oh shit, oh fuck, fuck!... and cummed like hell. He stopped moving and held me close. And I held him. And our mouths kissed deep. The orgasm was... mind blowing awesome.

After a while, when we got our breath back, we wrestled some more but I just let him get on top, laying down on top of me, letting him pin me like I did, and he enjoyed the ride, cumming like hell. We just repeated everything, it was just his turn.

condoms kept our jeans clean, haha!!

Damn, that felt soooooo good.
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June 11, 2020, 02:54:59 PM
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ya, but I don’t wanna cum in a minute!! No quick sex for me, like no way!! I want intense sex for the longest my body can take it and last!!


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