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Author Topic: What is he looking for?

June 04, 2019, 08:59:05 AM
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I will try and keep it short/sweet and easy to read  :)

I met a guy 3 years ago...

1st year of knowing him - we went of a few dates, talked every day etc then stopped seeing each other (for no reason) but still spoke almost every day.

2nd year of knowing him - we were still talking frequently and happened to bump into each other randomly whilst we were doing our post-grad (we didn't know we both went to the same college/campus as there are hundreds around the UK). Throughout this whole time, I was still actively dating and ended up getting into a relationship with my now ex-boyfriend but once that relationship ended me and the guy in question started speaking every day again, went out on dates and one thing eventually led to another haha

3rd year of knowing him - We have been seeing each other frequently, he has been very nice (taking me on dates, cooking for me, compliments me etc) and has brought up going away together.

My questions are:

1. Would a guy just looking for some fun wait over a year to get laid? and still, talk to the girl years after?
2. From an outsider perspective, what do you think his intentions are?

I asked him what's the deal and he said he enjoys spending time with me/talking to me and those are his intentions???  :-\