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Author Topic: Love solution

May 06, 2019, 05:17:51 AM
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Love solution papa Adifala spiritual help consult
Are you experiencing any of love problems and you have been to many places for solution, but up till now NO solution? And the problem still remain? Now it is time for you, your solution has come, grab it now, don't wait till the chance slip from you. If you have been facing any of these problems listed under, consult Ifa for quick solution before it is too late.
BARRENNESS: God has not destined anybody not to have children in life but majority of cases of barrenness is spiritual problem and not medical. For example some people will dream that they deliver babies in the dream or breastfeed children in the dream, these type of people without the help of God through IFA(Oracle) they cannot have children in their life, because some people's wombs have been removed in the spiritual realm by the devil. But by the time you call IFA shall tell you about your own case.
RESTORE BROKEN MARRIAGE: For example a man that leaves his wife and children to go and meet another woman or that is hijacked by another woman, IFA will some do spiritual works for the man to come back to the woman. Also for a woman that leaves her husband and children and goes to meet with another man or that is hijacked by another man, and the original husband still wants the woman back, we can consult IFa to do spiritual work for the woman to come back to the man.  Separation in marriage is not good
LOVE ME ALONE : For those women who want Favour, Love and Constant attention from her Husband. If you have been experiencing coldness, rejection and hatred from your husband, what you need is LOVE ME ALONE.
SHORT-LIVED RELATIONSHIPS: If you are into relationships that do not last, perhaps under 3, 4, 5 months your relationships break up, it is a spiritual problem, it is not ordinary. Contact us and the problem will be solved. You will not experience it anymore.
MARRIAGE DELAY: Is marriage delay your problem? Perhaps men use to carry you, promise to marry you but after using you they will dump you. Or men even refuse to call you, come for fast solution before it is too late.
With our spiritual work you will be totally healed in two weeks. Within 3 days, results will start showing and you will be totally free. Contact me via ifalolaifabunmi@yahoo.com and receive your healing today.

May 27, 2019, 07:37:52 PM
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Not really interesting.
This is not the right place to posts like this.


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