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Author Topic: Just sex or second chance?

March 24, 2020, 12:19:13 PM
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Maybe I posted in the wrong topic? I don't know but... anyway,
there's this guy I was with 6 years ago, though I broke up with him after a month. He was on leave from the army and went back to base in another state. After 2 weeks, he disappeared on me completely and wouldn't talk to me unless I kept messaging him. Fast forward 6 years and he just messaged me last saturday night. After I dont know how many months of not talking. Maybe 4-5 months. But of course, he talks about sex. But he didnt talk about just sex. We talked about the past and how hes regretting not staying with me instead of disappearing. He said fear took over him and was afraid hed fail to provide for us someheow. I told him he could be honest and that he just wasnt as interested in me as i was him. He told me that he actually was interested but just was too afraid. Im not sure i believe that. He did have a hard year with his dads illness and death and the way i acted toward him during all of that and feels bad about not being so nice to me. But i cant blame him because i wasnt being respectful of him and that left us on bad terms for a good 4 years but everything finally calmed a couple years ago. But the thing Im wondering is, why he would ask for a second chance then go a day without talking to me(Sunday) and monday morning, he messaged me "good morning(hug emoji) I was off my phone yesterday. Hope you had a good rest of the weekend" And i just said good morning and you too. But he never opened my "good morning" reply? Why did he talk to me all saturday night, then not talk to me sunday, and send me one message monday and not talk the rest of the day?


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