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Author Topic: How to check loyalty of BF?

January 20, 2020, 01:54:21 AM
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I am from London and I a bf from last 2 years. But now he start ignoring me and I am not feeling secure related to his love. Anyone can tell me how I can check his loyalty?

February 13, 2020, 03:00:51 PM
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he is honest with you:- Honesty in any relation is very important. So if your boyfriend doesn't lie to you then know that he is there for a longer run. :D

He is companionate and understanding:- If he cares about your feelings and understand your needs and wants from the relationship and life at large then he is definitely into you.

He is interested in who you are rather than how you appear to be:- If your man loves you for the person you are, appreciates your crazy stupid tanturms, adores the silliest portion in you and his feelings for you don’t change with any change in your appearance then all your worries are over my dear.

Makes you part of his social circle:- If he isn’t hesitant/ashamed to introduce you among his friends and family and proudly shows you off as his girl than you are a lucky one.

Communicates his feelings with you:- If your man shares his feelings with you and tell you about every little thing that creates an impact in his heart and mind than you really mean a lot as usually men are not much open about their feeling as women.

We time is as important as Me time for him:- He likes spending time with you as much as he likes to have his own space and he dose so not out of compulsion rather want.

Trust you:- Trust is a building block in any relationship and if your man trust you , your decisions and respects them then its a big sign about his loyalty.

He is available emotionally and physically both:- If your man is available for you both physically and emotionally then he really cares for you.

He is transparent with you:- If he is in his weirdest ,creepiest,funniest and stupidest form in front of you without any pretence then dear ladies cherish him because he truly cherishes you. Even if he checkout other ladies in front of you don't judge his loyalty because he counts on you that you with trust him.

Doesn't hold the commitment of the relation at stake:- If he doesn't blackmail for breaking the relation or put the commitment of the relation at stake during any small or big fights, know that you are not an option rather his choice because he wants to be with you when the relation hits rock bottom as much as he wants while it’s soaring high.

February 21, 2020, 11:31:41 PM
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Ask him to hang out more. If he loves you, he will.


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