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Author Topic: He is acting weird despite seeming somewhat interested. Advice?

November 03, 2019, 08:28:03 AM
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Some differences between the guy and I - I'm 23, he's 21 - I'm at University and he's doing an apprenticeship - While he moved to the country I am in when he was young, and he hasn't done a whole lot of travelling however I have. I met this guy out on the weekend, and it was almost instantaneous attraction/chemistry. He came over to me and told me how attractive I was. We ended up sitting on the ground and talking for a few hours, which started off as a general chit chat. I'm not sure if the fact that I'm a highly sexual being put that tone out to him immediately as well. As we were originally dancing and I leaned in for a kiss. Also when he asked me to go home with him, I said in another way of saying "sex?" and he said yes. I believe we asked each other if we're single, he told me that he was a few months out of a serious relationship which ended badly. When he first asked if I'm single, I jokingly said I was in a relationship. When we got back to his, I got a phone call from a guy which he saw and I think he asked along the lines of "Are you really in a relationship?"

We spoke about mutual friends and how we actually went to the same primary school. We had a fair bit in common and he told me that he liked my personality. Then the compliments starting coming in, he told me that I must be smart for what I’m studying, that I’m out of his league and questioning why would I want to spend time with him. He could tell that I was attracted to him however so he asked if I would like to come home with him or otherwise offered we meet the next day. I decided to go home with him, in the taxi and when we had to run into a store (for condoms and both of our lips were so dry, we had to get some chapstick), we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other and smiling ear to ear. When we were in the store, I told him to not spend $10 bucks on lip balm yet he did, he and I joked about the guys face behind the counter who must have been impressed with him buying condoms. When we got back to his, he offered me a drink and something to eat. We then watched some tv, and he was amazed that I liked the same YouTubers as me, said I have a good sense of humour and again, that he likes my personality. We ended up getting intimate, and he couldn’t stop telling me how sexually attractive I was. He also told me that I was the best lay he’s ever had, that it’s like being with a porn star and that he’s only slept with a few girls and those girls were his ex’s so he jokingly told me that I should feel lucky.

He got the general understanding that I’ve slept around quite a bit. He mentioned his previous girlfriends barely ever gave oral. One of his friends called him, he picked up the phone and jokingly said that he was spending time with the missus (to his friend, regarding me), he told me afterwards how pretty I am. We ended up having a fairly fun night in a sort of getting to know each other and sort of playing around – I’m sure you get the gist. A lot of flirting with each other, kissing and being affectionate.

He was also asking me questions such as do I get treated nicely by men. After we were being intimate, we laid there for a bit, something came up and I asked him how he's enjoying being single. He said it's okay but he prefers being in a relationship if he loves the girl. I do find it a bit weird how after we had done everything, he asked if I wanted to go out to a club with him with his friends, but I think he was semi-joking. At one point he sort of rolled over on his stomach and I noticed something on his back and I was like "Is that a pimple?" and went to try and squeeze it, he laughed and said "We're moving too fast" he then wanted to know what my Instagram was and then asked if I was famous judging by my account.

The next morning, he offered to drop me home; however, I declined. He also gave me some of his clothes that he claims he doesn’t wear, to wear home instead of the dress I had. From memory, I don’t think I gave him my number however, he has me on social media. I asked him how would he like me to give the clothing back, and he said he would message me. I haven’t heard from him since Saturday evening (when we first met), essentially Sunday. He's been watching my Instagram stories and I noticed one his male friends did but that's it. I then put up an Instagram story with another guy which could have annoyed him. Yesterday, along with other girls, he unfollowed me on Instagram. I have a feeling it could be due to the fact we both like a comedian who I followed a hashtag by him called "the unfollowing" which is about unfollowing chicks who think they're famous and essentially hookers over the gram. I sent him a message on Thursday saying I would return his clothing to him in the next few weeks. He opened the dm two days later and asked me what I'm up to for the weekend. So, I didn't open it last night or this morning and then I noticed he unsent the message (aka deleting it so I couldn't respond), it all feels like a young guy who is afraid.

Do you think he's acting weird as he doesn't know how to go about it?

TL;DR a guy I had a one night stand with is clearly attracted and interested in judging by his behaviour but is definitely acting his age, at least from when we last saw each other via social media.


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