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Author Topic: Does she know I'm into her? Should I stop?

February 21, 2020, 11:32:16 PM
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There's this new girl at work for 2 weeks so far. We're both 24. I'm really quiet and haven't talked much to her so far.

On the first day, I added her on Facebook and she accepted immediately. On the second day, I invited her to like a facebook page of mine and she accepted me immediately again.

I know she loves cats, so on another day, I tagged her in a cat video. She replied to it immediately and a few seconds later, came to me to ask me a question. She also said "Thanks for the cat video! I loved it." but she said it in a way the whole office would hear it.

In the morning we have a meeting where we connect to people through the TV. Yesterday it was just us two in the meeting. It started at 9.15am but she waited until people started talking before entering the room.

At the end of the meeting, I said 'well looks like it's just the two of us.' She didn't respond. Maybe because she didn't hear me as I'm softly spoken.

I then changed the subject to cats. I told her there's always a couple of kittens outside the back of the office, but they run away from me cause I'm a cat repellent. Also told her I have a cat which belongs in a museum cause i can look at it but can't touch. I thought I was funny, but she just smiled. She talked about her 2 cats for a bit. During the whole conversation though, she started packing her things up to leave the room while she talked and listened.

Later on in the day, she asked me a question. I emailed her and she replied "awesome" with a cat emoji.

We then didn't talk until the final hour of work where we were the only 2 people left in the whole office.

She told me she was looking for places to rent. I asked her if she found anything good yet, and she said nothing that suited her. I told her about the time I lived with the boss when I was looking for a place. Told her the colleague she replaced lives opposite the boss. and told her about the time the wind blew the boss's bin over and the other colleague picked it up, but I took a photo of it, sent it to the boss making the boss think it was the colleague's fault. She said that's funny, but didn't laugh.

I also told her about this place I looked at and how the previous renters smoked meth in the garage and accidentally blew it up. She said "Oh. I know all about that! I watch heaps of Breaking Bad!" I said, "Well I watch a lot of Masterchef, but I'm still a bad cook.

While later, she said she was brain dead, said goodbye and left.

That evening when I left work, I saw the kittens I mentioned earlier. I took a video of me calling them over and them running away. Sent it to her on facebook messenger. She's seen it, but didn't reply.

So where does that leave me? Do you think she knows I'm into her or has a feeling I am? I won't see her till Wednesday now. Is it going to be awkward?

Cheers guys. Sorry for the long read.

February 22, 2020, 03:15:34 PM
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I voted "keep trying". But apparently she is not attracted to you. Maybe someday, with a different approach. Tomorrow never knows.

Now, please answer my question: https://letschatlove.com/relationship-advice-for-men/girl-showing-contradictory-signs/


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