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Author Topic: Confused about being confused

March 22, 2020, 08:37:51 AM
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Lets day one day you and your boyfriend are home relaxing and then you have to go to a appointment. Now your boyfriend is very well aware that the visit can take up to an hour and he also knows your cell phone only works on a active wifi connection. Your appointment place does have wifi but its not very reliable. Before you leave he kiss you goodbye and says he will be waiting for you when you get home. He spoke nothing of having to do something important. Then you get a text while your in the appt saying if you would do a money transfer in 5-10 mins because he needed gas. You say yes as soon as possible you will do that. He knows how long the visit would last and he never told me he had to be somewhere important, as far as I knew he was at home waiting for me to get home, when I got back and we wanted to do somethings then we would make those plans when I got back. Still not knowing hes in a rush I say sure I'll do the transfer As soon as I can, im still at my appointment. By the time I get done its 45 mins later and Im rushing the people at my appointment a little cause I still have in the back of my mind that I need to do the transfer. Then as Im finishing up I remember the credit card number is at home 5 mins or less away so drive home to complete the transfer. When I get home, 5 min later, I am surprised because for 1 he's not home as he said he would be waiting for me, and 2  I noticed my room door locked and I have no key. The credit card info that I need to do the transfer is in my room which im now locked out of. Confused....just then he calls me, I have a active wifi connection at my house so I received the call just fine. The first thing I said was Why did you lock our room door?! Then he starts yelling saying how dare I ask him that question when I have had him waiting at the store for 30-45 mins for me to do a transfer........ Turns out his dad called while I was gone and told him he needed a ride down town and it was kind of important if he didnt get his business license today he wouldnt be able to open his store this weekend. Ok what would you all do if you were in my shoes? Cause he seems to think I flat out dont care about him because I wasn't making him a priority... Thoughts???     

March 28, 2020, 04:55:45 AM
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I think you should sit down and talk to him. It sounds like there's a lot of miscommunication between you too.


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