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Author Topic: Bf cheated

February 03, 2020, 09:11:07 AM
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Im looking for advice. Im 36 my bf is 40 years old. We had been dating for 5 months. We had both agreed we were ready to settle down talk of marriage in the future moving in evenually etc.
He was crazy about me.
The last month things seemed different he was a bit more distant. He broke up with me saying things werent working.
I left it a few days and he txt saying he loved me and hes sorry.
I went to his place and we sorted everything out.
A week later after everything seemed ok he broke up with yet again. This time crying his eyes out saying the feelings werent as strong and he had to let me go.
I was really angry and upset.
A few days after this he txt me to tell me the whole story. He had walked past an ex of his and she had txt him later that day. They both agreed to meet for coffee. He knew i dont agree with guys meeting their exs but he still went. Anyway turns out they met a few times for coffee and he reslised he still had feelings for her.
He had stayed with me but kept thinking about her thats why he broke us off.
He said he felt guilty .
Since we have been apart he went to the cinema with her as friends but said after the film she had to go. She didnt want a coffee with him.
He said this made him realise she hadnt changed she wasnt interested in him she just liked the attention.
A few days after this he txt me and tells me hes made the biggest mistake of his life letting me go.
Saying he still wants me and that im wife matetial and she never was.
This was an ex who messed him about for 9 months but he said it was more an infactuation he had with her it didnt match reality. He said he would do whatever it takes to regain my trust and that he always wanted me but he got side tracked.
Ive told him id never trust him again after this .
I still love him and i miss him but how can i go back if i dont trust him.
Is what hes done that bad?.
It makes me feel 2nd best but he said its not like that he was trying to the right thing.
Anyway to cut a long story short for weeks hes been txting trying to get me back then yesterday he told me not to go back to run from him as after what hes done he doesnt deserve me.
Im not sure why hes now saying this. Is this so i feel sorry for him and go back? Or is he messing me around?
Im so confused.

February 07, 2020, 09:12:03 AM
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