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Author Topic: An Unfortunate brother

July 17, 2019, 03:23:50 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I am Akash a north Indian guy. I have a relation that is paining me too much. There are the things that are paining me too much. Its not about a love relationship but about the sister love. Not wasting the time here is the short story.

Last year I met with a girl in a medical laboratory where she works. I regularly went there almost twice a week to conduct some blood tests. I don't know why and when  started to like that girl as my sister and started to care about her. I don't have any bad intention about her. I still don't know why I felt like that. One day she left her job from there . I felt very bad when I came to know from her employer about her resignation. Till now I never told her about my feelings toward her. However I have her mobile number but not talked her over phone except some what's app chatting. One day I asked her over a chat about her new jobs and future plans etc. Then I tell her that I like her as my sister and will be very happy If she accept me as her brother. That time she was Ok with that. We often chat with each other and everything was fine. But one day she suddenly stop responding to me and reply rarely. She started to ignore my messages and even don't read my messages. I asked her what happened. asked her If I  made any mistake or what else is matter but she told nothing and one day she block my number without giving any reason.

I was very disappointed with that I message her with my alternate number and tell her that how important is she for me and what I planned for he as a brother and want to take this relationship further. It was a long letter with full of my emotions.

Then she replied me after two days and said that she is genuinely busy with her stuff and will talk with me when she will have time. She also mentioned that she is happy as my sister and said that she will be always there for me when I need her.

That time I was very happy and thanked her for that. But next day she delete her whats app account and changed the number too. She don't even inform me and her number is switched off. I don't know when she accepted me why she did this to me. What I should do. From our last conversation I never realized that she will run away like this. Please help me and advice me what should I do now. I don't have any other number of her and no any way to contact. I just feeling like betrayed. I completely broken   and hurt. Please help. Thanks


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