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Author Topic: We hit it off- is he supposed to keep texting me through summer?

May 12, 2019, 11:20:46 PM
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So, here is some context. I recently completed my first year of college, and in one of my classes, I sat across from this guy. I thought he was so cute, and *every class* I always caught him staring at me, and then he would look away really fast. Even if someone sat by him that was blocking his view of me, he would lean back just enough to glance over. One day towards the end of the semester, we finally talked after class, and completely hit it off. We studied in a group together, and his body language seemed to show that he was interested. He always sat by me, would lean in close, paid attention when I spoke and always held eye contact, and always smiled at me too. Even better, we kept each other laughing the whole time. The people with us felt a little left out, lol. It was really refreshing to be around him, and it felt so comfortable. It's cheesy, but there was definitely something there.
We would text about meeting up to study, but we would always keep the conversation going. Even on the weekends, one of us would text the other about something that had come up that we had talked about, but it was never a "Hey", but straight to the point of what it was, and a really fun conversation would continue. After the test we still texted, and he told me to have 'beautiful dreams", he wished we would have met sooner, and to let him know anytime if I need help with Spanish next year because he would be "more than happy to help".

So to the point.. it has always alternated who texts firsts. We got out for summer break, and our hometowns are seven hours apart. I started the last conversation, which eventually ended on his side, and I haven't heard anything else in almost two weeks. Did he not like me as much as it came off? I figured it may not make that much sense to constantly text for three months, when we had just met, before getting to see each other again. Or maybe since we never just said "hey" that he doesn't know how to strike up a new conversation. Or maybe I should just wait and he might eventually say something. OR I am making a bunch of excuses for someone who just isn't as into me as I thought.
If you read all of that, thank you. I could really use some advice, I haven't felt that way around someone ever.

June 06, 2019, 02:32:54 PM
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On my blog there is a short article about reasons they might not be texting back but honestly it could be a lot more then even that. It sounds like he has attraction for you by what you described but both parties must be willing and able to have a relationship for it to happen. He could have a girlfriend back home and maybe that's why he never made the move, he could be shy, he could just be busy with his family. The only real way to try and figure that out is to talk to him again.
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