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Author Topic: In need of advice about a rude unprofessional coworker

July 25, 2019, 12:26:58 PM
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ughhhh !!! So there’s this dude at my job I guess I got a thing for him because I’m having dreams of having sex ( and I’m celibate for five years ) having his babies , living together ever since a few weeks ago
in the past , I feel like he seduced me , he would eye fuck me ( really intense eye contact ) smile and wink at me , there were times I would go the bathroom , to the break room and there he would be it was too a point where I thought he was following me but I thought to myself nah I’m just looking to deep into it . I told myself avoid this guy , and that’s exactly what I did ! I avoid him st all costs

So anyhow I have returned back to work from leave for a few months ..and come to find out he now works on the same region I cover . Oh geez , I’m thinking fucckkk ..I’m trying to avoid this dude and there he is again so now I HAVE to interact with him .

Last week I had to email him and request approval for a check ( that’s the steps and rules out department has to follow ) he doesn’t respond , and right afterward actually starts playing his music loud , laughing and joking with some of our coworkers ..like I feel he was intentional trying to ignore me on purpose and then shove it in my face .

Then to add insult to injury ,This fool will walk back and forth down my aisle everyday and stare at me .. like turn his head to look and stare at me but when I catch him he turns away ,but yet in still won’t respond to my email , so for the past week I m in my feelings ! I m trying to rack my brain over Why he didn’t respond to my email, questioning myself over and over , plus on top of everything , an employee is missing over 2,000 dollars since last Friday due to this asshole and I think he messed up the employee check on purpose to be honest.

I just want to say I hate him ( drops mic )


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