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Author Topic: In desperate need of advice.. about to go crazy!

February 01, 2019, 06:54:19 PM
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So, last summer i dated this guy..
We had the most intense connection, could talk for hours, laugh and smile. We often talked about how much we liked each other.. And we both admitted to being in love with each other. But then he became ill again.. he had been struggling with mental illness.. and one of the nights we where together, he just lost a hold on reality.

The next day, he still seemed confused.. but better. We spent a really beautiful day together, and talked about that he wanted us to be exclusive, not see other people. But two days later i got a text, he broke up with me, said that these emotions where too much for him to handle.
We met up, cried for 5 hours, and then i left.

So, 6 months later, he contacts me to ask if i want to have a coffee.. We met up, had a coffee and everything seemed just like they were before.. Back to how it was 6 months ago. He wanted to see me later that same week, and we ended up drinking some wine at his place.
Had a really nice evening, and then ended up with kissing, and then having sex.
We where holding each other all night long, and i woke up to him kissing my forehead and holding me really tight.
When we said goodbye, we hugged, kissed and then i left.

We texted a little after that night and i asked if he wanted to hang out next week, and his respond was that he would like that, but he had a lot of work and would maybe be able to see, not next week but the week after that.
I am just really confused.. before we used to always make time to see each other.
But i remember that he said he was really stressed about that the last time we dated, because he didn't really have that much time, and then he would squeeze inn time to see me at the end of the day.. and that would end up with him not sleeping that many hours.. And I´m sure that contributed to his mental breakdown.

So, is he just not that interested? Or is he taking things really slow to look after himself? -I just feel that its too soon for me to ask him this question, even though he is the only one that can really answer it.. 
We have been texting after that message, just not that much... And it just confuses me that, if he knows when hes actually able to see me again, why his not asking me? Like "Would you like to see each other the 15th"

What does all this mean? Should i just move on? Should i give him space and be patient? 

February 02, 2019, 11:03:14 AM
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I'm sorry you are going through this!  I'm clueless too in my situation so probably not the best at giving advice.  It sounds like this guy really cares for you but you mentioned mental illness.  Depression can make a person feel not worthy, unlovable, just down right sad and not want to do a thing.  Maybe he feels as if nothing good ever works out for him and doesn't want to take the chance to see or to be hurt again.

I think I'd try to reach out to him again and see what happens.  But I guess if he doesn't respond wanting to see you, there isn't anything you can do.  I'd make sure that he still knows how you feel though.


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