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Author Topic: I'm not sure if he's that interested in me anymore?

April 08, 2019, 11:45:59 PM
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I met this guy 3 weeks ago at a bar, who is mutual friends with my friend and at first I was pretty shy because I was obviously attracted to him. He ended up talking to me and even told me to hold onto to him (it was pretty packed) when I left with my friends. When we got to the car he took my phone and gave me his number and I gave him a kiss on the cheek as a goodbye. I texted him when I got home to see if he got home safe and we talked for a bit.

We've talked everyday since then, he would always text me and we talked all day and till late at night. I made it clear to him that I don't do casual things and he told me he wanted to get to know me and take things slow because he got out of a relationship 2-3 months ago and was very heartbroken. I told him I understood and agreed because I'm very scared too but I just didn't say that.

We met for a date that following Sunday after he got out of work and I thought the date went great and we kissed for a bit then said bye.

Forward to this last Thursday we got onto some topic and I mentioned that I rather a guy call me beautiful than attractive and thats when things kind of got weird I guess. He told me calling someone beautiful is something very intimate to him and I don't know I just thought it was kind of dumb, but I obviously kept that to myself. I did say I didn't agree with him in a nice way but I did act sort of cold because I was disappointed. My ex was like that and it just gave me a bad feeling and I was lead on for 6 months.

So he didn't text me the next day at all so I texted him and broke the ice and he explained that we just needed a break since we got a little 'crazy.' The conversation was okay it was pretty normal. He texted me the next day but took awhile to get back to me since he was at work. Things also seemed okay there wasn't really flirting just more conversation with I'm cool with.

He also texted me yesterday as well, I was kind of hoping he would ask to see me since we saw each other last Sunday but he didn't. I texted him today just to reciprocate and the conversations are okay.

He works 3 jobs, so basically 2 jobs per day and maybe has one full day off which was Saturday last week, but he did some photoshoot thing and then went to go see his friends. I was hoping he would ask to see me since he did mention that he would see what time he got back (this was before that weird conversation). He never did and by the time he was finished I was on my way to go out with my friends.

I honestly just don't think he is interested in me anymore. He hasn't asked to see me again so I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into the situation because I tend to overthink things but I also feel if you want to get to know someone then you make time to see them.

Please help! :-[

May 26, 2019, 02:55:44 PM
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Take things slow.
Don’t over think things.
I tend to over thing too.

Wait a few days before you text him.

X x

June 04, 2019, 08:46:18 AM
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Your gut instincts are almost always right and that's what they're there for. Also, if you can't express how you feel when you're with him (e.g. saying that you would rather be called beautiful) then is he really "the one"?

Regardless of how hard anyone's breakup was and how long ago it was, we've all see people who get out of a long term serious relationship and are in a new relationship the next month. Honestly, if he really wanted to pursue you then he will.

Sorry for the bluntness but I don't want you to waste your time/dwell on someone who is showing signs that he does not care.


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