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Author Topic: Did I make a mistake by telling a Pontential Fwb that I'm inexperienced?

February 03, 2020, 06:42:42 PM
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Did I make a grave mistake by revealing my lack of sexual relationship to a potential Fwb? On December 16th, I began chatting with this man on Tinder. He is 29, and I'm 23. Anyhow, we would talk every single day for approximately eight days from morning until late nights and early mornings, and I would characterize the conversation as a mix of sexting with no pictures and random conversations in between.
On December 22nd, we were initially supposed to meet, but I placed a pause on the meeting as I did not want to escalate anything further and was quite nervous about meeting this guy I had spoken so much about everything with. I told him, and of course, he was disappointed and suggested we meet up in January and also quit sexting and change the dynamic in that way. That occurred, and we did not text all day and would text sporadically and finally met up on January 6th. Our meeting included visiting a shisha bar- getting bubble tea and sushi, and then we headed to his place and watched a bit of a Netflix show, and things escalated. During our initial meeting, he was strangely nervous and texted me a few moments before seeing him that he wouldn't look too good as he was stressed out from work and took a short bathroom break during our tea "dinner" to brush his beard and all. Anyhow moving forward, he seemed quite excited and spoke to me about his brother and sisters and mother and also suggested in the future we visit restaurants and a possible ceramic cafe. Anyhow our night escalated quite fast that evening as we engaged in oral sex in which I was the receiver-kissing and fondling and then eventual talking and cuddling and I left. Moving forward we would text and he, of course, would ask me if I enjoyed that evening and what I enjoyed the most and so on. He also would text me about his problems as his mother had fallen ill and the stress alongside his job. Anyhow, we then decided to meet up on January 22nd, and we then went for dinner and then decided to walk approximately 40 minutes to his home instead of taking the bus in which he asked me what my plans were. He wishes to move out alone without his roommate in the summer and also his vacation plans for the upcoming summer. We then arrived at his home and engaged in similar shenanigans as last time, which included cuddling- spooning- fondling- oral sex in which I was the receiver, and I then left his home. He then texted me and asked me what I enjoyed the most and if I wanted to try something new next time and so on. Hence I did not hear from him for 4+ days he also added the following cheesy lines "Just saying hi
And letting you know that though I'm busy lately I reminisce a lot of our moments
Hope you're well and that your homework aren't killing you
I then asked me how he was doing, and he added the following cheesy lines: "It is though sometimes overwhelming
But when I think of us seeing each other soon, I forget about it.
We are currently not engaging in penetrative sex, so I also made it clear to him that I was not planning to engage in sex anytime soon and did not want him to waste his time with me in the case that, of course, he desires this understandably. He then told me that I should not worry about this and if this does not lead to sex as of now, that is fine with this, and that sex is not everything and that this journey is about me.

With that been said, yes, I do understand this is an NSA and Fwb style situations and that over-analyzing all of this may be useless.
However, due to my lack of experience, did I make a grave mistake telling this man that I did not know? At this point, I do regret it; however, I would appreciate any insight!


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