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Author Topic: What do i do now?

March 11, 2019, 07:39:16 AM
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Alright so here is the story.

I went to a bar with a friend in his town and found this girl really attractive there that happens to be the head bartender there.
Me and my friend played pool and he told me that she was checking me out and things of that nature.
I didn't get any vibes that she was into me but to be honest we hardly talked. So me and my friend went into the bar the next 2 nights so i could try to get to know her and she was pretty awkward to talk to like shy i think. ( I'll also put small details into parenthesis. (When she asks me if i want another beer and gives it to me she never makes eye contact) Then the 3rd and final night i started talking to her (it happened to be a busy friday so she was really busy) I made small talk with her and the conversations were extremely short but i am assuming that is due to the busy friday. Like i asked her what she did for fun and she said "she hangs out with friends and takes care of her kids and that is pretty much it". i asked her a couple more questions like that but they were just as boring. Then i played some pool with my friend and had him go outside and start the car, I then pulled her to the side and said: " the last few nights i came in here were because i thought you were really cute and wanted to get to know you better, i don't know if you have a boyfriend or not but i still wanted to get your number and see what could happen." She then responded: "I am working on myself right now but we can still text". I told her i understand working oneself because i am attending college but texting is cool. This is the part that i am unsure of and assumed i was dead in the water: i said: alright wanna put my number in your phone? She said i don't have my phone on me right now but here write your number down on something really quick, she then proceeded to hand me a napkin and a pen. I thought i was pretty much dead in the water at this point but i put my number down and handed it to her. I didn't go back in there after that but a week passed and the friend i usually went in there with went there alone for a few minutes and she approached him as he was leaving and wondered where i was and why i wasn't in there with him for once. he let her know i live out of town and that i would probably stop in there with him in a week or so.

So fast forward to last night which was a week after they talked for that few minutes, I go in there and at this point she never texted me so i am assuming she wasn't into me but wasn't really sure and am still confused on why she just didn't turn me down or something like this. But she never brought up not texting me or anything like that but still said hi and brought drinks. Now there was a new bartender in there that night and she was hitting on me and taking almost all of my orders, then the other bartender( the one i am crushing on started to come around more often as the other bartender was talking to me and taking my orders. she was trying to take my orders for drinks even though the other new bartender was already doing them all night. I am new to the dating world so i don't understand everything but my friend said that the other bartender was getting jealous but i really don't know. She didn't really talk to me much the whole night or bring up any topics and never brought up the whole number thing so i want your honest opinion of this and if i should try again in a different manner or take the hint shes not interested. Now my friend's opinion was that she is shy and may have wanted em to approach her again, that she may have lost my number or completely forgot i gave it to her since i don't come in all that much. But he did tell me that she has a tinder account and is single from a recent breakup a few months back. I just want to get to the bottom of this and try to get answers so i can improve my game. Please read these details carefully and let me know what you honestly think.