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Author Topic: I like my girlfriends sister

July 30, 2019, 01:33:37 PM
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So it pretty much says it all in the title. And  i feel it for two years already, So it's not just a whim.
But my girlfriend is a good person, pretty,   overall a good catch so i don't wanna just break up with her for the slim chance of getting the sister, but if we stay together,  i just think i will have this feeling for my whole life that there's so little separating me from something so much better. To make a sports metaphor, it's like if you compete at the Olympics and finish second - it's still a great result, but you didn't win. And that's how i feel
Also the issue might be the age difference, I'm 30, sister is 20

Please don't write the negative stuff, i googled this issue already and mostly it was negative comments, so focus on the possibilities instead

August 09, 2019, 07:53:15 AM
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What do you want? Your girlfriend or her sister? Because you cant have both. If you want your girlfriend then you have to avoid the sister. Put as much distance between you as possible. It's not appropriate. If you want the sister then you have to be honest with your girlfriend.

January 06, 2020, 05:59:00 PM
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Hey listen it’s your gf sister. Would they even date each others exes??? 
I have a huge crush on my gf cousin and she had a bigger one on me. Not to mention I’m already done in my. Mind with my girl and me and her cousin we’re made for eachother it’ll NEVER HAPPEN. I’ll never get her cousin even tho Ik her cousin likes me her cousin won’t do it to her.
     Idk man I wouldn’t pursue it. It she pursues you then do you.

January 08, 2020, 03:55:25 AM
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Can I start with saying "you sly, underhand, charismatic devil ;)"


In all seriousness though, I see the dilemma you face. You have your beautiful girlfriend, but you then have her 20 year old, hot sister. And the temptation "be a burden to a mans loins".

Has her sister reciprocated any attraction for you? Is she giving you those tiger eyes, light touches and brushes as you stand near her?

If yes, then I would argue that half of your attraction is being instigated by her, and I would have an immediate word with your girlfriend. Just tell her what you think her sister is upto. It might cause tensions, but at least its out in the open and you most likely won't feel horny any more (for her sister).

If this is based purely on your own desire and her sister isn't instigating anything, then I would consider perhaps ending things with your GF or maybe changing the arrangements of your relationship to something more "open".


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