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Author Topic: Waiting on girl to leave her boyfriend?

March 28, 2019, 03:55:51 AM
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So, ill just give the whole story no holds barred because i need to process this and its eating me up so bad i can barely sleep at night cause my minds just racing over this girl. So we started hanging out a few months ago going to NA meetings together here and there. Slowly the amount of stuff we did together increased (mostly just meetings). A few weeks ago we started hanging out pretty much everyday, actually it has been every day i pick her up we go to a meeting sometimes we hang out do other stuff. This girl is so incredibly beautiful i never thought shed like a guy like me. So pretty much my intentions started out purely sexual, i wanted to bag a dime piece you know. But after hanging out for a while i realized shes so cool and we have a lot in common. After getting a little more comfortable with each other she told me about her lazy boyfriend who just sits at home and plays video games doesnt try to get a job or nothing. over time i started learning she is very unhappy in her current relationship. I took her on a date to lunch one day and then we went to petco and just held animals and stuff it was just super fun. A little before this i started expressing my feelings to her she knew i was attracted to her but after taking her on that date things just got so good between us and well we eventually started talking about getting in a relationship she said she wants to be with me but she has to graduate drug court (basically she is held accountable to the law for some stuff in her past) and they keep track of every thing she does i told her she can move in with me but she said they wouldn't like her breaking up and moving out of her BFs house and straight into another guys house(they can actually tell her she couldnt live here for real) So basically she would be forced back to her moms which she cant do because its not a conducive recovery environment and it would be hard for her to stay sober there. So she said it seems really shitty but give me 3 months and when im done with drug court ill move out of my BFs house and maybe move in with me. after that a few days later we ended up having sex, i keep telling her i wanna be the one holding her at night and spending time with her and she literally just keeps saying be patient, were still hanging out everyday, and our bond just keeps growing. But im worried that she'll change her mind or something will happen and ill have been waiting 3 months for nothing. What do you guys think, i dont need to hear about the her cheating thing her current BF is just a boy and i think part of the reason im so attractive to her is because i have a job and i actually do shit with my life other than stay at home playing video games all day, so i understand why shes unhappy and honestly i was a big part in us having sex she made no moves what so ever but she didnt resist either when i finally made my move. Im fine with that im not worried about her cheating cause im a real man and thats what she needs. What are your thoughts on this situation i really dont wanna wait for 3 months and be sitting here empty handed and broken hearted you know. Thanks glad to be part of the forum :)

March 31, 2019, 01:11:45 AM
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Hello, if you really care about her then be patient. It might look like a long time but three months will pass by before you know it. Be sure however that your feelings are genuine because dating someone is a whole different game than living in the same house with the person. Living together exposes habits and attitudes you were not previously aware of and it would be unfair to her to allow her leave her boyfriend for you only to realize you are not compatible because she would have nowhere to go.

Another thing, ensure her feelings are also genuine and she's not just looking for a place to live. Wishing you the best

April 08, 2019, 02:41:20 PM
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Just be patient!!! I have dealt with this too. If he truly loves you he will leave and eventually be there for you. Just be there for him through the highs and lows of his relationship until he is ready to leave and be with you.


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