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Author Topic: Vacation Meet-cute that I ruined!

April 08, 2020, 05:29:50 AM
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So this was pre-COVID-19 but I still think about it on occasion. I sometimes wallow in things I regret and I don't know why...

So I met this girl from Italy in this hostel in Barcelona while we were both vacationing alone. As I went to say "Hello" to her for the first time, I crouched to get into my bunk bed so that I could see her as she laid in her bunk bed next to mine and wound up hitting my head on the bed above me. I laughed it off and joked about it and she lit up. It was easy to talk to her even though there was a bit of a language barrier. We didn't talk a ton though and it never got into deep conversation. We both had plans and only saw each other in the morning and sometimes at night in the hostel. She was shy and didn't seem to talk to others much but I can tell she liked me. On the third day, she was leaving and I had plans so in the morning I said goodbye in case I didn't see her again.

When I got back from sight-seeing she was standing with her luggage in the communal lounge area of the hostel almost like she was waiting for something. I went in the opposite direction into the kitchen. And she followed me in, carrying her luggage. She said 'Hello' and I asked what her name was because I honestly forgot to ask earlier (I am shy myself and these things don't come naturally). So I shook her hand. She asked me where I lived in my small home country so I answered and described the region. She then told me that she is visiting my home country next month to see a friend. At first, I was wondering why she was telling me this. Then we kept talking for a bit. We eventually said 'Bye' and she said maybe we will run into each other next month. She left with her luggage and that was it.

After she left I put two-and-two together and thought that maybe she was asking and telling me this information because she wanted to meet up in my home country. :o

So my question is: Do you think she wanted to meet up with me?

I just feel like if that was what she was thinking then she should have just asked me. Now I don't know if I hurt her feeling because maybe she thought I just wasn't interested. I was not thinking about seeing her again because, as I said, we didn't talk a ton (10-15 minutes for 2-days then less on the 3rd day when she left) and we didn't hang out outside of the hostel.

I tried communicating with the hostel asking for the woman's contact info but that eventually led to nothing.

Thank you,


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