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Author Topic: Should I send flowers for my crush's graduation?

May 05, 2019, 11:53:57 AM
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Met a girl around a year ago but we have since moved to different country. We used to text a lot for a few months and we've gone out a couple of times, but we've spoken less for the past couple of months. She's graduating from university soon and I'd like to send something nice (no expectation of anything, I just want to make her happy since she's an amazing person!). However, I don't know her address so I'm planning to send it to her university instead. Should I?

May 05, 2019, 08:18:29 PM
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Idk, sending her flowers out of nowhere like that might be a little weird to her.  You still talk to her, right?  When you talk to her next time, bring the conversation over to her graduation, and tell her that you're happy for her and that you want to send something to her.  That way it'll be less weird for her.

But honestly, what I suggest to you is to bring the relationship subject up to her.  Just sending her flowers isn't gonna get you anywhere.  Talk to her and ask her where her head is at with you and her.  You two have already gone out on dates, so you already know that she likes you as more than a friend on some level, so talk to her about it.  Tell her that something reminded you of her and it got you thinking about the talks you used to have (or something).  Becauase right now her mind has probably moved away from her and you.  Talk to her about it and bring her mind back there, find out where her head is at.

Hope that helps.

May 08, 2019, 12:00:42 PM
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If you honestly just want to make her happy, and don't have expectations on your relationship changing because of it, then I would say go for it! Flowers are a great way of showing that you care about someone and that their accomplishments (or celebrations, or sorrows, or joys) somehow matter to you. It can make for a great surprise for her, and I know it makes me really happy when people I did not expect to share moments with show that they care.

However, I'd say keep it reasonable: if you want to send flowers to make her happy (and not inadvertently make her insecure about your reasons), even the smallest bouquet will do! International flower delivery usually have a very set list of items you can send, but you can often choose between different sizes. Just make sure that the university can help out with making sure the flowers get to her!


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