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Author Topic: Not sure how to proceed with this guy.. Any advice?

July 02, 2019, 04:25:38 PM
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Ive been dating someone for 3 months. It’s been going well so far, we hang out pretty regularly, treats me well in person, he talks about us doing things in the future, even into winter, I have a toothbrush at his place, we also had a talk a few weeks ago about how none of us were dating, but I don’t count that as an exclusive talk.. until someone explicitly tells me they want to be my boyfriend im not considering myself a girlfriend, but all in all going well. Only thing is hes been away a lot since summer started going away every weekend to see friends out of town, friends visiting from out of town and them going away etc.. When we hung out most recently he told me that he would like me to initiate texting and plans more,I do text him first sometimes I think it’s about 40-60 , and i said when hes away for the weekends I don’t like to text him since hes away having fun with his friends etc. He went away this weekend again(it wasn’t the type of weekend he could invite me on since it was a new friend who invited him last minute)and he texted me the first day he arrived, we were having a bit of back and forth but I could tell he was preoccupied since it was taking him hours to reply and also very short texts. I told him to have a good weekend and then we didn’t speak for 2 days. He is back today and I don’t really want to reach out since I generally think when someone’s been away they should be the one to initiate contact when they’re back. I also know on his weekend away with his friends there were other girls there so feeling a bit insecure about what went on as well..any thoughts on if the right move is to reach out to him when he’s back today or go with my guy and leave it for him to reach out. Or any thought on the relationship in general. At this point not really sure..


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