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Author Topic: I cant tell if my guy friend is interested in me

July 01, 2019, 01:21:36 AM
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So, I have a friend, K, who I have known for years now. Towards the end of the school year last year, when I was getting out of an abusive friendship, he seemed to get a bit flirty with me, so to speak. He had started to coming to me for emotional baggage that he's been carrying around, which makes me really happy, because I love being there for my people. He had also started messing with me a lot. Like, he'd smear my glasses, take my stuff, and my school had these large squishy chairs that he would squish next to me on. After school ended, we weren't in contact too much for about a week, and then cross country (which we both do) summer practices started up, so we see each other 5 days a week now. He pour water on me occasionally (ngl, it feels hella nice), and his brother, him and I will always go on Mondays to Smith's to get chocolate milk. He kinda messes around with my car, and yeah. My friend group hung out just on Friday, and we chilled in a nearby park for a few hours after that. We all just got to talking and hanging out, and it was really nice. It ended up just being a big 'ol therapy session, which was kinda nice. I dont know if he's showing interest in me or not, but yeah. idk lol. SOS please someone help me its not healthy
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July 02, 2019, 11:42:58 AM
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It can be confusing when figuring out whether or not someone likes you (and especially so when you are friends with that person). To air on the side of caution, I would say (as hard as it may seem) to be direct and ask. It is wonderful that you are a confidant for him and he comes to you with real issues, but that can just be a sign of trusting you as a good friend, not necessarily romantic interest. Being direct in my opinion is the best way to get your answer, and it doesn't have to ruin your friendship if you don't confess your feelings.

You could just say "hey I notice that we have been getting close over the past couple of months and I don't want to misunderstand so I was wondering if you are interested in me romantically?". If he says he isn't you have your answer and you didn't reveal your side of things so you can move forward as friends. If he says yes, then you have a choice to make of whether you want this relationship to progress into a romantic space. You don't have to put all your cards on the table of how you feel right away, but its always best to be honest in my experience.

Good luck!


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