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Author Topic: Extremely Shy...How to Meet Good Men?

March 04, 2020, 09:11:12 PM
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I'm an extremely shy gal and have been my entire life. This has resulted in me being 37 years old now and single. While I've had two serious relationships of a few years each, I kind of "settled" because I didn't think any other guys would ever come around my way since it's so hard for me to meet people. And then obviously those relationships didn't last anyway. I really struggle to meet men because of my shyness. Basically the only places I'd probably meet them is either at the gym or work. But I also find that a lot of men seem to avoid eye contact with me (not sure if this is just a thing these days, if it's because I'm traditionally "pretty" or if I'm giving off some weird vibe that turns them off). I basically feel no hope for meeting anyone, and at 37 it feels like my chances of having a family are pretty much over. I've tried dating apps, but had no success. Any tips for someone like me? I'm also worried about the stigma of my age...it seems like a lot of guys want to date younger women and think of unmarried women nearing 40 as damaged goods. I've also tried Meetup in my community, but everyone I meet is retirement age or nearing it.

March 07, 2020, 05:46:19 PM
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Your age isn't an issue, your vibe isn't an issue, it's your confidence. Confidence is like a muscle - if you don't "exercise" it, it will get weaker and weaker. Conversely, the more you work it out, the stronger it will get.

It sounds like you have two problems: 1. a steady stream of guys to "practice" on and 2. the confidence in yourself to know that when you *do* find the right one, you will know how to seize the opportunity.

This is a really common problem so you are not alone, and here at Snorkl we have helped dozens of people just like you get into the dating scene in a meaningful way. Drop me a line at the email in my profile, and I will be glad to see how we can help.
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March 23, 2020, 05:25:58 AM
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First of all, what is your definition of a good man? And then look for him according to your own criteria. Of course you should know that not everyone can meet your standards.


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