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Author Topic: At a crossroads with a woman I like

May 14, 2019, 04:51:34 PM
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So I met this woman who lives out of town 2 years ago, and 8 months ago we re-connected. We ended up talking lots, and began talking everyday (call/text) for 5 months or so. I am not sure if she began to develop feelings for me, but I was starting to really like her and we both enjoyed talking to each other all the time. She invited me and I ended up coming to town for her birthday and to see her city and we had a good time. She was going to visit me after sometime too.  But prior to that we discussed and knew that we were just going to be friends, and I was fine with that because she was a great person regardless. When I was there, we all ended up going drinking one night, and we ended up kissing for a while back home-she stopped it and said we couldnt do this but that I was really perfect and she just does not have the same feelings for me. I was okay with that and we still thought it would be okay to still be friends, and just talk less. Fast forward when im back home, and she ended up asking to not talk and let time do its thing as she felt uncomfortable and doesn't just kiss her friends. I didn't understand this but said okay. We texted briefly a couple times in the following weeks but nothing really. I sent her a text last month about some news regarding a topic we always talked about and she never responded (lol). I then notice on my one of my social media that I am blocked by her and unfollowed by friends-no idea what I did but maybe accidentally liked an old photo of a friends as I remember looking at her account when she posted something? Anyways, still no contact but she looks at my other social medias.
I am at a crossroads, because I really like her but also want to respect her wishes. But now, I want her to know I really didnt do anything and to understand why she blocked me. I also really dont want to make the situation worse. So i dont know what to do. I was thinking of just sending a text saying hope all is well and that i dont understand what i did, but i hope shes well....and leave it at that...Or do I just let time work it out and if its meant to be it will be? thoughts on that?
Thank you,


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