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Author Topic: was it my big boobs or just the wrong stool

June 15, 2019, 12:31:57 AM
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Hi everyone!!!! Well it is the first night of a 4 day sales trip and I decided I would go across the street to a little bar and have a few drinks (it is Friday night and all) I found a stool at the bar between two 20 something girls and a middle age couple. I was wearing the top that I have on in the picture of my husband and I and the bartender handed my drink to me and said it was on the house. One of the 20 something girls said, "so if a woman comes in here almost topless, she gets a free drink?" and the other one added, "well it is a good thing that she is not topless because those oversized cans would sag to the floor". The middle age woman just said, "you kinda deserve that". Needless to say I just finished my drink and came back to my room. I sent a text message to my husband that I was going to put a post on here but it think he is at the strip club with his buddy. Let me know your thoughts.