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Author Topic: Should we wear a mask for COVID-19?

April 03, 2020, 03:20:21 AM
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Yes I’m wearing a mask for COVID-19! You should too! Wondering which mask to buy? This can help!
I’m in China and wearing a mask, and wherever you are in the world with confirmed cases of COVID-19, I think you should too. But out of way too many choices that make the decision making process more complicated than it should be, which one should we buy? After a few days of research on standards, products and even the filtering principle, I think I have became half an expert =D, and now I can share with you what I’ve learned.
If you check on amazon or ebay, you will find that most masks (some unbranded) are made in China. China produces 70% of the masks in the world, but beware only to buy the good quality branded and medically qualified ones , never buy the unbranded ones.
At the end, there is also a list of questions that I’ve been asked the most, maybe your question is on the list too. If you don’t have 10 minutes and just want to know which mask to buy, go directly to Question 1 at the end.


Question 1: which mask should I wear?
In public areas where you’re not in close contact with a patient who’s be diagnosed, surgical mask is good enough. No need to over-protect, not to mention that N95 is way more expensive. If you will be in close contact with patients, protective mask for medical use such as N95 is needed. If you don’t have surgical mask, a medical mask will also do the job. But masks without certification and unbranded masks are not recommended, unless you have no other choice.

Question 2: The mask I bought have no producer nor product name. How can I check which category it belongs to?
This is an unbranded face mask. We have no way to check. Avoid these products unless you have no choice.

Question 3: I don’t speak Chinese. How can I check whether my mask meets the standard or not?
Take a clear picture of your product and its packaging, email them to dashiki52@gmail.com with the title “Face Mask Product Check”. I can check for you and reply within 24 hrs.

Question 4: Is N90 better than surgical mask?
Since surgical mask can prevent 95% bacteria while N90 only prevents 90%, surgical mask is better for preventing coronavirus.

Question 5: Why is a mask claimed as medical mask or surgical mask doesn’t state that it conforms to certain standards?
Then there is no guarantee for the protection.

Question 6: Can I wear a mask all the time?
With N95 masks, the wearing time cannot exceed 4 hrs at a time. It may cause lung damage, emphysema or other problems if you wear it for longer than stated time. This is another reason to use surgical mask when you are not in close contact with patients.

Question 7: Choose N95 with valves or without?
Professor WANG Yuedan of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Peking University, said in an interview that a mask with a vent valve is not recommended for the prevention of coronavirus, because it may cause the virus to accumulate locally. In addition, the contaminated exhalations cannot be blocked when a patient breathes out. However, a valve ameliorates the hardship of breathing when wearing N95.

Question 8: The mask I bought claimed that it meets certain standards, such as N95, medical mask, surgical mask, etc., but I don’t see them marking these standards on the packaging.
Then there is no guarantee.

Question 9: How about cotton mask, active carbon mask, sponge mask , paper mask?
They are not used for preventing the virus.

Please contact me if you are interested, or you can visit https://92mask.com/ to get them. . .
I hope this is somewhat helpful. Wearing a mask for protection is always a good thing.

April 07, 2020, 02:34:18 PM
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Of course you should wear a mask!
At least if you don't want to protect yourself, you can protect others!
Wearing that more fancy surgical mask is the best way to go, as it kind of vacuum seals your mouth and nose area.

Let's all be healthy!