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Author Topic: Outsiders Wanting to Break Your Relationship - Smiling Faces They Lie

April 17, 2018, 05:12:54 AM
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As the 70s song says, indeed they do lie.  :-X  In that case, be on the lookout for jealous people - particularly very aggressive ones.
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April 23, 2018, 03:56:05 AM
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Patrick Y

Well, myself, I know a lot of people might not like me. But I probably deserved the honor.  However, though, they aren't going after my girlfriend - and they aren't strongly trying to end my relationship - or at least, they don't have a chance!  :)

May 17, 2018, 12:07:30 AM
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I am very distrustful of people.  In fact, even the closest people are the worst!  I mean, as the Bible says, even your family will turn on you!