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Author Topic: How to talk to girls?

February 25, 2020, 11:48:38 PM
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I have been having this problem forever. I get soo scared to talk to girls in school and in public. Whenever I consider talking to girls at school (college), I think about what I am going to say for many hours and by the time I find something to say, the class is already over and the person who I am trying to talk to had already left. Even if their friends or mutual friends, that I've known for many years, it is still extremely hard for me to talk to them and I start shaking and I start sweating even before I talk to someone. I found this website just to post about my phobia about talking to girls. After many hours when I eventually say a word to someone, I start stuttering and they say something but I can't think of anything to say back because I'm just way too nervous. It's hard for me to even say "Hi" to someone, I can't do eye contact with them because then I would just get more nervous and the whole conversation only lasts about, at the most, 15 seconds. I also start talking really fast and sometimes they can't understand me because I talk soo fast because I'm soooo nervous. This problem has gotten way out of control to the point that I can't even say "Hi" to any girl. It's soo nerve-racking. It's okay if a girl starts talking to me first, but there's no way that I can start talking to a girl first, without being extremely awkward. My phobia to talking to girls has gotten soo extreme that when I do say a word to a girl, I think about the situation for about a week, because I feel like I might of said something that was weird for something that wasn't relevant to the topic. PLEASE HELP!!
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February 26, 2020, 12:35:24 PM
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Talking to girls is actually a piece of cake, it's very easy only if you master these methods. Watch this webinar and go get any women you want. http://bit.ly/no1_dating_strategies_for_men

April 04, 2020, 06:51:57 AM
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Hi thenoto2020!

I think you are going to work on your self-confidence and anxiety with girls. I think to help you with this situation is actually to talk to more girls and try to go out of your comfort zone. I did that with a lot of boys, some conversation fails but then some actually lead to some great friendship. It's just for training.  ;) :)
I think you need to learn to not overthink about stressful situation, overcoming your anxiety by making it something useful for you and the other people. Making your weakness some of your strengh!!

If you need any more advice!

Keep us posted!
Live. Just live.

April 08, 2020, 07:44:56 AM
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That is really kinda weird story man and my advice is just to let you be yourself and take the things as it is and don't make it complicated. If you are not sure about that you can watch some video lessons and courses about relationships and picking up girls in youtube or vimeo and learn something about that. Maybe you can get something. Sometimes I download videos out there with video downloader twitter to watch later when i am alone or on my way home and learn new things about languages and so on but not relationships.