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Author Topic: Grad school crush

October 02, 2019, 10:12:09 PM
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This year about 6 weeks ago I met this girl in grad school and we made eye contact the first few days and then very quickly we became very close. We have long days in our grad offices and we talk all the time get lunch she shares her food and we’ve hung out away from everyone else. We even had a couple drinks and we kind of cuddled just laid in bed together with little cuddling (this was like week 3) and even kissed her on the cheek and she took a photo of that and saved it. Now we are at the point where people in the office kind of make comments because we argue in a girlfriend and boyfriend way. She playfully punches me calls me over to sit with her and  I really thought she likes me. I found out she’s kind of talking to a guy and it’s not all the way serious but it’s serious enough to where they text all day (she does not bring him up to me I had to play detective and I’ve never confronted her about it or anything crazy like that) everyday I just want to know if I’m friendzoned or if she likes me and is just playing the field? I really like her and I know I sound pathetic but I just want someone’s opinion on this thank you!

October 30, 2019, 12:34:44 PM
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For me, it’s hard to say what she thinks. However, it seems like she is into you, but she’s talking to other people at the same time. She may be talking to more guys than the one that you already know about. Don’t think of it as cheating or anything like that, she’s just exploring options. I’d suggest just asking her what she considers you as. Tell her that you’re getting mixed signals (if that’s what you’re feeling). Don’t ask her about who she talks to, that’s her business. If she says that she’s “seeing” you, or something like that, ask her if it can be exclusive (if that’s what you want). You’re not pathetic, we all have these situations.