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Author Topic: does my coworker likes me?

February 03, 2019, 01:17:41 PM
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First of all , my coworker is 37 years old and I am 22. I think he likes me and I like him too but I am not sure because he is super friendly with everyone. These are some of the signs why I believe this:
a) He had asked me a lot of questions and some of them seem to me weird like if I know cooking and I said no and he said that I should learn because my future husband would love it
b) He has revealed to me many things about himself without having asked for them (like where he was working before , what he has studied, how many languages he speaks and personally I feel like he says all that in order to impress me
c) Once I said my hometown is... and he said that he has visited and he should come and I said it is 4 hours away from our city and he googled and said no, it is more hours and smiled to me, also another time he asked what I would eat today at the restaurant that I was going and he said that he should come
d) when I changed my hair , from straight to curly he noticed it and commented on it
e) he said me after some time that I can call him by his name
f) He almost everytime says goodmorning in the morning and see you when I leave
g) Another coworker asked him if he has a girlfriend and firstly he said he has many for fun and then he said no and he said that in this city he has not found a girl in order to stay
i) once I turned my back to him in the office like ignoring him and immediately he talked to me and seemed to care
j) when I asked him if I bother him when I ask about his help he said hot at all
h) he said a name of a band and I asked me if I know them
i) once he was standing and he knew I was looking at him , he seemed nervous
all these he does when there are and other coworkers somewhere in the office
but when we are alone we dont say much, actually typical things

I dont know what to do but my instict tells me he likes me , should I ask him to keep in contact