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Author Topic: Breakup advice

July 04, 2019, 02:55:47 PM
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Hi guys ,

Long story here so please bear with! My ex and I initially broke up in February this year after he felt things weren’t working . He wanted to travel alone and my mental health had been spiralling which put a huge strain on him and the relationship.

We then tried to make things work again until I found out he’d slept with someone else whilst I was travelling last year and even contemplated leaving me for her . After this , he turned really nasty and cold , refused to see me or talk about it and wanted nothing to do with me . We deeply loved eachother and had the most intimate , exciting relationship and often spoke about our future together and all of a sudden, he switched off and stopped caring .

After 6 weeks , he agreed to meet me to talk everything through and give me some closure . We had a great chat and he apologised and really seemed to take responsibility. We stupidly had a few drinks and he stayed over( you know the rest) after this , he ignored me again and said he was glad we cleared the air but didn’t want to see me again. I felt so hurt and used as we’d had very deep conversations that night and he’d admitted he still loved me and saw a future with me down the line.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I find out I’m pregnant . We haven’t spoken but I decide to tell him. He’s supportive at first , saying he’ll be there for me no matter what and that it’s my decision. His tone quickly changes as I suggest we meet up to discuss everything and he says he doesn’t think he should be there for me and he wants nothing to do with it or me whatever I decide . He then blocks me on everything so I cannot contact him until his mum gets involved and starts trying to influence me .

I really didn’t know what I was going to do regarding the baby but I ended up having a miscarriage  . I was absolutely broken and lost and despite him saying he didn’t want to know what I did, I thought he had a right to know so I told him. He replied saying he was glad the right thing had happened and that times change a lot and he’s sure they’ll change even more and wishing me a great year. Why can’t I stop fantasising about the incredible relationship we had and wanting him back despite all of this? Feeling very lost and alone . :'(