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Breastfeeding Forum

Learn more about breastfeeding in this breastfeeding forum, topics may include how to breastfeeding, what to expect, preparing to breastfeed and how often you should be feeding your baby. This breastfeeding forum is full of mothers from around the world that have first-hand experience with breastfeeding, however, you should always consult your midwife or GP if you have any questions, and if required, they can show you how to express your breast.

A breastfeeding forum to get advice and support

This breastfeeding forum can be used to ask questions relating to breastfeeding and to ask for help and support with any concerns that you may have. Below are some questions that you can expect here in this breastfeeding support forum:

  • • What to expect when you first start breastfeeding;
  • • How to prepare to breastfeed before your birth;
  • • The frequency in which you should be breastfeeding your babies;
  • • Dealing with leaking breasts, and how to build up your milk supply;
  • • General help and support for breastfeeding, and to anonymously ask questions.